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Zaira Nara was encouraged to ride the bull and run out of the laundry

Zaira Nara Morfi played in a hot blooper during a special program on Good Friday.

Conductive He accepted the challenge of restraining the mechanical bull in the air and playing in an unexpected storm that provoked the laughter of all his Morfi companions.

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With a lot of courage – a model – who usually rides with her husband and little daughter while out in the field – got into the game and not only failed to complete the performance but he had an accident with his underwear.

When falling from a bull Zaira was unloaded on an inflatable mattress who surrounds the fictional animal, and although he wanted to hide it, his bodice came and had to maneuver to see him in front of the television cameras.

But his colleagues explained what happened when they saw itn foreground Nara's underwear protruding from his clothes and couldn't contain laughter,

"I can not believe that. I can't believe what you did, I'm dying, "Melina Fleiderman told her when she realized what had happened.

From his side Chinese Leunis He was more sympathetic to Wanda's sister and, without neglecting his chivalry, wanted to minimize what happened and mentioned: "He will never lose grace. It's very good with style.

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In response to her colleagues, Zaira paused and, looking at the buttons of her shirt with a clean laugh, tossed: "I've never lost my glamor, but I lost my bodice. Nothing will happen"

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