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Zombie Child, Skeleton and Spider: Reasons Why "Kill" a Five Year Old Minecraft Player

Minecraft has lost a five-year game (Video: Twitch)

Zombie child, spider and many errors were enough to end a game that Phil Watson started five years ago in the Minecraft video game.

PhilzaAs a 31-year-old Brit is known, he was killed on a virtual platform for surveillance while playing in "Hardcore" mode and the most difficult, so your character can't revive.

"No, really, is that how I die?" Watson said during a live broadcast of his departure on Twitch on April 24, while the screen saw a tragic one. Play the game,

Everything was complicated Watson, when he was surprised and attacked by a zombie child with a magical armor from which he managed to escape, but only to find a skeleton that shot him at the back.

This bullet injured him where they found him a spider who swallowed him in seconds.

In an interview BBC NewsPhil Watson pointed out that he would survive this aggression if he ate golden apple that gives health.

"But my luck left me … I feel stupid that I made such a stupid mistake", the retired player mentioned.

"When I finished the game, I felt so depressed that I thought I'd never want to play again"I didn't want to see zombies again in my life," he added about the end of his departure to the media.

Though six days after the game ended,now they come back to me and want to start a new adventure (in Minecraft), "he said.

During these five years, Phil Watson played almost every day and approximately 20 hours a week. He also went
6,316 kilometers flew 7,798 kilometers and jumped 732,389 times.

This long game created a new record, according to a player who has more than 3,500 followers on YouTube and almost 2000 on the Twitch streaming platform, where he also met his fiancée Kristin Rosales.

Minecraft is a building game in which you can do various adventuresIt was created by Markus Persson and later developed by his company, Mojang AB.

A few days ago, Minecraft and Warner Bros. announced it this video game will be transferred to the big screen in 2022.

In a story on March 4 this year, we will see a teenager and her group of friends who have to save their world from the evil Ender Dragon.

"Since we are the first game developers, so the movie will be new and very exciting, and while the movie must be different from the game (otherwise you would be in a very low resolution movie), it will definitely be the same. we do it for you, ”they wrote on their official website.

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