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& # 39; Itemized & # 39; Glider Redploy comes to Fortinet in v.720

Epic Games have announced that Glider Redeploy will return to Fortnite as an entry in v7.20.

On January 14, it was discovered that Glider Redeploy would actually return to Fortnite but otherwise than before.

The Redeploy glider will now be "detailed", which means that the sailplane will now launch the inventory and use "charges".

Once all charges are applied, the Glider Redeploy will be completed.

Players will be able to find Glider Redeploy in floor spoils, chests, vending machines and supply lamellas.

You can view the entire Epic Game Notice below.

Meanwhile, we've tested the glider again. A very divided reaction emerged on the mechanics, revealing some positive and some negatives. We removed the mechanics from the default modes, but we felt that alternative implementation would help to address some of these negatives and better meet our goals. The aim of this item is to provide mobility and usefulness, but in a form that can be balanced and repeated. Introducing the reorganization of the glider as an item can be repeated at several different levels (ie, Measuring height, movement speed, drop chance, charge number) including tank voltages. A quick overview of how Glider Redeploy will work in v7.20:

  • Glider occupies an inventory drawer and can be found from common sources.
  • Activate Redeploy Glider as usual, you do not have to select the item.
    • Each deployment removes one charge, and the item disappears when all charges are applied.
    • Using LTM launchers, helicopters, and LTM elevators will not consume a fee because they will put you in Skydiving mode.
  • The new Glider Redeploy is located in floor baskets, chests, vending machines and supply lamellas.

What happened to the 50s or other big team-based modes?

When you leave the Battle Bus, you automatically get a 50-item glider. (This is expected to be in Skydiving mode, which will not charge a Glider item.)

We will carefully monitor the subject and adapt it as needed, so be vocal with your discussion and feedback! "

More come.

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