A triple killer wants to be released from prison

The widow of a policeman who was shot dead by a man who had twice killed was convinced he had "killed again".

Anne Haydon's husband Sergeant Keith Haydon, 37, was killed in a forest in Lake Macquarie Berwyn Rees in November 1980. Rees was on the run in the aftermath of killing two men, gun owner Ray James and his client Christopher Greenfield in Sydney three a year ago.

Both men were shot in the back of the head at an empty point.

The nightmare of that day in 1980, when she lost her husband, came back to Mrs. Haydon's awareness because Rees is trying to get permission – and the state aid office for South South Wales has revealed that she was intent on giving Rees a condition, Current affairsreporting.

She remembers the moment she learned that her husband had died a terrible death.

"I knew when they came in and I just said," How bad? "

The answer simply confirmed her suspicion.

"He just said it was the worst."

Sergeant Haydon was shot in the back of his head, but he was also shot twice – in close range. He investigated reports of shrubs in the bushes heard by forest workers; media reports at the time suggest that it was training shots that Rees fired from hiding.

Mrs. Haydon is convinced that the killing will continue if Rees is released from prison.

"If he walks out, he gets killed again."

After Sergeant Haydon's execution, Rees met face to face with another policeman when Constable Alexander Pietruszek stopped him during a stopover.

Pietruszka said Current affairs as close as he came to death, when the bullets crossed only millimeters and fired "without warning".

"The first bullet passed through my hair … The second bullet pressed my ear and as I turned away, a third bullet struck me, fortunately hit the rib and jumped rather than in," the officer said today.

He was able to shoot two shots back – and as he did, he noticed something terrifying.

"That guy was nothing," he said.

"I can not explain to someone how cold it is, how incomprehensible, just – just evil."

Mr. Pietruszka agreed with Mrs. Haydon – Rees was not trusted and was still dangerous.

"I believe somewhere deep inside him is the evil he is lurking."

Ray James's daughter's daughter said that it was Ray Hadley's 2 GB program

"Unexplained" that he would be allowed to walk freely.

"What he did was incredibly bad for so many families and let him walk the streets, he's just a fool," said Tracy James.

Rees was once called "one of the coldest killers who ever entered the New South Wales prison" – and yet it could be days since the release.

The final decision on whether Reese will be held or held behind his back will be made by a five-member commission of the State Treasury, with a public hearing to be held on Friday.

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