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Ariana Grande worsens Japanese tattoos

If you fail to try, try again.

This is most likely what Ariana Grande thought when she tried to repair her tattoo that was supposed to say "7 rings" in Japanese, but eventually called "BBQ grill".

However, the singer might want to get better advice after her attempt to fix it was terribly wrong.

Grande has dropped corrections to Instagram.

"A little better, thanks to my teacher who helped me repair," she wrote. "And to my doctor for shots of lidocaine (no joke), tear up the little charcoal, Miss in man, actually I really like you."

Her teacher advised her to add a Japanese "finger" character to change the translation to "seven ring circles" or "seven rings".

However, the new symbol was added under the sign for seven, rather than between and above the original colors.

So now her tattoo says "Japanese finger" or "fiery finger".

Third time happy?

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