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Cowboys coach Paul Green is considering the possibility of finding Ben Barba replacement

North Queensland coach Paul Green will explore all the options in the offer to find a replacement for a full-fledged Ben Barbu.

Once in lifetime there has been no single major event that has hit Northern Queensland in recent weeks. Smoothing Barby also dominated the headlines.

At Green's media address on Tuesday, Green said honestly about Barb.

"It was really disappointing – disappointment for the club and disappointment for Ben," Green said.

As well as exploring the players' market for finding a new one, Green will also consider supporting someone from their existing team.

"Right now, we will look at all the options to make sure that no matter how we go, it's right for us," he said.

"It's not an easy place to play. There's a lot of guys out there, especially in defense these days.

"The attackers are no longer boys sitting and waiting for the opposition to make the ball and have a huge role to play in defending.

"I think if we go home, especially with a guy who does not play a lot of dexterity, it will be a case when he gives him some time, no matter who it is, make some mistakes," you do not know this role, so you have to be ready to wear it. "

As far as potential jersey candidates are concerned, Cowboys have some good candidates in Ben Hampton, Te Maire Martin and Carlin Anderson.

To make it even worse, the severe floods in Townsville made it harder for regular training and worse Greenova's plans to get Prime Minister Telstra in 2019.

"We have not done well for two weeks, so when it comes to teammates and guys who have not played here we have not been able to do what we needed to do a good reading about whether to treat him," he said.

"Timing was really tough, but there are a couple of guys who played there before, and there are also some boys who have the skills to do a good job there."

Michael Morgan had previously played in full, but made it clear that he wished to play in the middle.

Green will not rush to any quick conclusions.

"The decision we make must be the best for the team – my preference is nothing to exclude," he said.

As a result of Barb's concentration, Green admitted that Cowboys' gaming plan would need to be improved.

Cowboys utility back Te Maire Martin.
Cowboys utility back Te Maire Martin.
© Scott Davis / Photo of NRL

"We will have to change something," he said.

"We need to find out who's going back there because it's quite a key position."

Since Townsville is continuing to clean up after devastating floods, the Cowboys want to catch some pre-season training.

"We've lost two weeks from our pre-season a little, and we have not had meetings for several weeks," Green said.

"In that second week, we just could not find a field that people would have trained us for." "They gave the boys a good deal of dealing with them when they took into account all that is happening in the city."

Thousands of people have been flooded with water in their homes during the recent floods.

Cowboys players were also displaced, but the club continues to help them in their recovery.

"Some boys have not found anything permanent, but now they are sorted out and working for it by trying to find somewhere more permanent," Green said.

Cowboys meets titans in a duel on the Sunshine Coast Stadium on February 23 before they take Melbourne in Mackay's court on March 2.

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