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Crazy spoon is said, weigh, video, start time, result

Angry Jeff Horn was trying to conjure up Anthony Mundin that he was shouting about him and accusing 43-year-old of being blind to reality.

Mundine repeatedly stated that he had fought two couples in Brisbane on Friday night. Horn is the recipient of a "white man's privilege," who gave it away without having to earn it.

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But Horn says one can not be bad, and he wished Mundine to see things from his perspective to understand the obstacles that Queenslander had to overcome.

"It's (unpleasant) because it's such a difficult way to get to where I was, and that was not easy," Horn told reporters on official consideration on Thursday.

"It talks about how easy it is and how I got it in the past to get where I am. It's like," Please walk in the shoes and then see how hard it was. "

"That's frustrating for me."

Paradoxically, it was a fan of Mundine, who pointed out uneasily to one of Horn's most famous difficulties – he was bullied as a schoolboy. This week, in the video of the Player's voice, he reflected on the incident when he was sent to his knees and put another student in his face, and his story of a bullied boy on a world champion will forever define any link Horn leaves.

As Mundine stepped on the podium, a comedian practicing the material for his next concert screamed, "Show him what a real bully is." If you were to enter the room at the moment, you would think that hundreds of people are playing a game that can hold the longest breath, such was the silence that followed the swing sledge.

If this experience taught supernatural supporters of Mundin to better read room, we assume that he leaves this liner in his bag for another open microphone night.

Horn had his first professional fight in 2013 but did not reach traditional popularity until last year's welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao turned down on Suncorp Stadium.

If you've been constantly watching his career, it's unlikely you'd know about the splitting that came to Horn getting to that point-not just before he beat Pacquiao, but before he came in the circle for his professional debut against Jody Allen more than five years ago.

Either Mundine does not know about the long journey that Horn has seen winning amateur state titles, national titles, and the Olympic selection before it reaches a long time or it just does not matter. What he knows or at least what he believes is that the Horn symbolizes everything that stands for Mundine in this world.

"It's not personal, it just represents and represents everything I fight, that's all," Mundine told reporters before explaining what he was fighting was "injustice."

"He is his recipient and wants to develop (Australian) flag, he wants to make a white anthem, and that and this, he does not understand."

Mundine said he would not stand for a "white supremacy" national anthem if he played on Friday night, just like he protested in his rematch against Danny Green at the beginning of last year.

He says he represents the state that adopted the policy of White Australia during the 20th century and reflects the time when the worst injustice has been to native Australians.

In order for Mundine to be fair, he gained more than the right to speak of such things. The advocate of changes that helped improve the lives of young natives said in an interview with rugby league journalist Paul Kent at Fox Sports this week that his most important achievements would come out of the boxing ring.

"I just want to bring people together and make the world a better place, I want to influence someone and I have a role in creating a world of better place and lifting one's life," Mundine said.

"I want to inspire people, people come to me that I've changed my life, and when you have this type of crash, you have chosen, you have to make a difference."

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