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Elora brutally rejected the rose ceremony

There is nothing worse than being rejected – except that it happens several times and on national television.

Elora Murger debuted on Tuesday night Bachelor in Paradise determined to shake things and "play the game."

But instead of Elora, who first appeared in Matty J's season Bachelor in 2017, it was rejected by one but four different competitors in the unbearable scenes almost too hard to watch.

It was the second time Bachelor in Paradise after a short stint on the reality show last year.

Armed with a data card, Elora first tried to be lucky with Alex Nation after revealing that they had previously shared flirtatious news on social media.

This was the second date of the same sex for Alex in Fiji, with a reality star earlier sharing a kiss with Brooke Blurton during a romantic meeting before that season.

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But unlike some spicy Alex stopped quickly on his boat because he couldn't do anything about his relationship with Bill Golding.

"I'm definitely attracting you," Alex said. "But I feel like you came sooner, I feel like you would like (now). Of course, my feelings for Bill are really strong. "

Destroyed, Elora decided to try her luck with Nathan Favro and then Connor Obrochta, only for both of them to reject her.

"I'm flattered that Elora is attracting me, it's good," Connor said.

"But honestly, the feeling is not mutual, and I feel bad because it doesn't vibrate with anyone."

Elora had a last chance to make her bachelor's degree in paradise more than 24 hours – Mack Reid, who was desperate for love of the show and tried to keep the romantic spark with Zoe Brien.

"I want to be absolutely brave here and I mean, I'm here, you're my only person who could give me a rose," she told Elora.

“It's an unfortunate timing, it really is. It's really a tricky thing, and I'm really sorry, but I think my rose is going to Zoe tonight, ”Mack said. "I also want the best for you, and unfortunately it's a bad timing, it's unfortunate, I'm sorry."

Shocked that four people now rejected her for four days, Elora ran away and complained that she was "so embarrassing" she didn't find love Bachelor in Paradise the second time.

"It's embarrassing when the rose doesn't get back. I feel like a fool, ”said Elora Florence Alexander between sobs.

"I'm angry, it's so embarrassing."

To make matters worse, Elora had to wait for the entire ceremony of roses to confirm her fate, a knockout ceremony that included Connor, who asked ecstatic Shannon Banff to leave the show to continue their real-world relationship.

The Bachelor in Paradise continues on Wednesday night at 8:40 am on the network 10

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