Google will develop an update that finally enables multimedia audio via Chromecast HDMI

For those who use the Chromecast device, it has been a long time for you to find that these devices have been unable to be connected to a multi-speaker group via Home, especially if this Chromecast was connected to your amplifier, but you could not really include your best speakers into your streaming groups. All this is changing today with the Chromecast update, which finally enables these features.

After updating, the HDMI Chromecasts connects to a host of other multi-device devices, including Chromecast Audio, Google Home Appliance, Google Assistant Speakers, Google Smart Displays, and many other Chromecast speakers from a variety of OEMs.

If you have a Chromecast connected to a CNC-compatible device, you'll also be able to use the Auto-On feature of the CNC protocol, which means that when you start a stream, Chromecast turns on the device and switches it to the correct input mode.

Have you expected to see more Chromecasts get more audio? What device do you want to see next?

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