Grant Denyer spills into a shocking "glass" at a meeting

Broadcaster Grant Denyer scattered a shocking spoiler of Married At First Sight, detailing the upcoming violent confrontation that forced the producer to enter.

WARNING: Potential spoiler, of course

This season MAFS was easily the most explosive, with more than one cheat of scandal and physical confrontation – which included the fiery bride Cyrell Paule, who was trying to catch Martha Kalifatidis behind her neck – is already playing on our screens.

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Solving new gossip on 2DayFM Ash, Grant and Ed this morning Denyer was thrilled to have a "mega dirt" at the show.

"My spies and my good spies – deeply rooted in the MAFS – told me what was going on," he told co-guests Ed Kavalee and Ash London.

"Yesterday, I learned a little about the meeting … (my sources) and were part of the program, so it's first hand."

Denyer claimed that the temperes had blurred when the contestants returned to the film for a big meeting because they could finally watch on television, which they all said privately to the producers.

"They all hate each other much more now … so they start another level," he said.

"There is a big fight, a physical fight, a girl fight. Who do you think it is?"

"Of course Cyrell," Kavalee replied before Denyer confirmed it.

"We know she likes it, but that's where it's interesting, it's not a fight – it's a glass, it's going to explode, so one of the contestants passes and fills the full cup of alcohol over the head of the other person, then the glass is crushed on the table and then goes to the face of the person who spilled the wine, "Denyer said, adding that he did not know the identity of the other person involved in the fight.

"And (glass) is just happening and the crew has to hit.

"How is it full, how are you going to next level for next year's series?" "Where are you going from here?" got a comment on the radio.

Last night, the audience watched one of the worst couples for the show, Mel Lucarelli and Dino Hira, finally got out of their misery and decided to "go" to a festive determination.

Shortly after Denyer dropped the bomb, Mel appeared at breakfast for 2DayFM and confirmed that it was true.

"You know what? It's all more and more," she told the hosts when she met the story.

"This season – it's like a firework and then the final fireworks, it's just an explosive … Ah Cyrell, Cyrell, let's say he does not disappoint that?"

He married at first glance continues at 19:30 this evening at nine.

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