Hailey Baldwin will change the surname to Bieber to Instagram

Hailey officially proclaimed Mrs. Bieber's title in the social media.

Hailey Baldwin, with this name, married Justin Bieber by changing her display name and treating Instagram with Hailey Bieber.

As Human journal we remind you that this change of surname comes just days after Hailey was seen in a business opening for the new Leviin in the Time Square flagship on Thursday while swinging iconic jacket trucker Levi with "Bieber" standing on the back.

Just as those who follow Justin and Hailey, they knew that the two had officially bound the knot during a secret wedding ceremony two months ago in September. Duo was briefly involved when a 24-year-old singer suggested Baldwin on July 7 during a joint trip to the Bahamas.

Justin also did the fighting status of his Instagram-official relationship by sharing a photo of himself and Hailey holding hands with smiles on his cheeks with his 102 million followers.

"My wife is amazing," he wrote in the photo caption.

During an interview with Rust a few months ago Hailey opened her marriage to Bieber. While she admitted the fact that most believed she and Bieber were too young to marry, marriage in their early 1920s was common in the family.

"My sister was 24 years old when she married, and my parents also got married when they were young, and I see no reason to wait, and when you know it's right, it's right," the model explained.

Hailey's 15.4 million followers Instagram did not waste time commenting on his latest photos on his profile to solve the change of name.

"I'm glad to call you Hailey Bieber from now on," one successor remarked.

"Oooh, you are perfect Mrs. Bieber," the other growled.

The third one added: "Changing the ur insta name to Hailey Bieber. What a beautiful way to confirm that you are married."

Many others shared their stamp of approval and congratulated her on her marriage.

Unfortunately, Justin was not as approved as his latest photo with him and his wife is full of negative comments. The vast majority of negative comments bring Selen Gomez and the way Justin intended or was not over her.

Justin's some followers came to his defense and told him to ignore those who left ugly and negative comments about their new marriage.

From a technical point of view, Ms. Bieber has not made a full-fledged social media official because she has not changed her display name yet on Twitter. Despite having 1,27 million followers, its lack of Twitter activity is likely to have failed to do so.

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