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How Georgie Gardner rescued Meshel Laurie's life

Meshel Laurie revealed how Georgie Gardner had once told her from a dark place when she was suicidal, claiming that the hostess was not getting enough credit today for how much she was a "nice lady".

In an interview with Blackbox television, Laurie said that Gardner reached out to her one night when she had suicidal thoughts and had a hard time on social media.

"There was something about (Gardner's) message that just … as if I was embarrassed, but … you know normally when you get embarrassed when you get angry? Especially when you're drunk. "But I don't know, for some reason he didn't make me angry, there was something I got," Laurie said. TV BlackboxIt's Rob McKnight.

"She was really kind and she just said, like everyone else called Charlotte (Dawson)," Turn off a friend. Just like let it go, it doesn't matter, none of this is important and just go to bed, sleep, tomorrow's something else … And I did it. I turned it off. "

Laurie said that instead of waking up the next day, as usual after a bad social media night that felt "embarrassed" and regretting her tweets, she felt different.

"That morning I woke up again and read her news again and thought," God, this is a nice lady. She has enough to deal with her real life, ”Laurie said.

"And I had so many real friends who didn't come in for me, they weren't in contact with me and we knew they had to see it and they weren't and still honestly (they reached me)." That's a nice lady. I haven't talked to her yet. "

Laurie felt compelled to talk about Gardner's favor after seeing negative media news about the television host.

"I see things in the media saying" oh focus groups think it's cold or something, "and I think I have to try to find a way to tell the world, so that's why I say your podcast… is a really handsome man, ”Laurie said.

Gardner's Time Like Today the host was nothing less than stormy because the journalist returned to the breakfast show in 2018 after Lisa Wilkinson left the wage dispute.

Last year, she was humiliated in the "Ubergate" scandal, when details of his co-founder Karel Stefanovic, who criticized her hosting style as "sitting on the fence" were published too New idea.

Despite the fact that Stefanovic got out of Today in December, Gardner and her new co-founder Deborah Knight continued to fight TV ratings.

If you have mental health problems or suicidal feelings, please contact Lifeline at 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue 1300 224 636. Please call triple-0 for an emergency.

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