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How To Lose Weight: Mum squat credits to transform bum

When celebrities share images of their tinted points and backs, they often get into the eyes of having money and an army of people to help them.

This mother, however, proved that with a few hundred squats per week, determination and patience, this can be done without exceeding the budget.

Whether waiting for a kettle, cooking his teeth or making phone calls with friends, Julia Meadows will be able to get into her daily squat quota.

"I'm trying to get at least 100 squats a day, though it means that when I hang clothes or wait for my smooth piece to mix, I'll make some squats," she told

"I'm going to be around 20 every day until I get 100 per day – it's a huge difference."

As she shared the image of her very late at the online mom's forum, she was flooded with news from other mothers about her "secrets".

"People ask me what I do separately, and to be honest, it comes to my resistance band – before I do my homework, I pull it around my thigh and use it to activate my joint."

But having a solid back and toned body was not always for Mrs. Meadows.

The 34-year-old from Pakenham in Victoria suffered depression after her husband broke down in 2016.

She would look for comfort in unhealthy dishes, and would often find herself on a sofa that swallowed food and sweet delicacies.

In the really bad days, the dinner will replace two ice cream and some can see her 66kg as "not so bad", Mrs. Meadows was extremely unhealthy and knew that if she did not change it could result in serious health problems.

"I had to learn that the scales do not always tell the truth, and now I'm about to go to my advanced pictures to talk about my successes," she said.

After her second daughter three years ago, Mrs. Meadows decided that she was fully responsible for her actions and decided she wanted to be a healthy model for her children, and at the same time she was trying to gain her happiness and trust.

"My days can be tough and tiring as one mom, but life is generally hard for someone, but I know I feel much better when I'm on a healthy diet and after doing great training and leaving me more energetic to solve the problems of life, "she said.

Mrs. Meadows said she had lost 12kg in 12 months after her 28-day stress challenge, as well as one or two healthy mummies since she entered Healthy Mummy, parental health pages exclusively for mothers.

"After four weeks of training, I've actually seen a change in my body," she said.

She admitted that the main thing she was dealing with was the size of the portions and overeating.

"I did not realize how much I ate, I was never a good chef and I did not have a passion, but these recipes really helped me understand the size of the portions and were really fast and easy," she said.

Mrs. Meadows has also met one of her lifetime goals – two semesters.

She said it was important to set short-term goals to keep you motivated whether you are playing outdoors with children for 30 minutes or banning wine for two weeks.

"I have an incentive board with photos before and after," said Mrs. Meadows. "It always reminds me where and why I started what will help me a lot."

The mother of two trains six times a week at home, which also includes waking up at 5.30am for a train at the F45 local gym before work.

"I'm definitely more energetic, happier and more confident – I always go out with my kids and go to the park and not just sit on the phone, but actually play with them."

Her advice to other mothers who hope they have lost their belly?

"Set short-term goals so you do not feel overwhelmed."

The Healthy Mummy, which has half a million subscribers, has decided to launch a health and fitness app.

Her founder and former director of sales of ACP magazines, Rhian Allen, said she was targeting busy, tired mothers who would like to stay in shape or lose the extra pounds.

It includes a personal trainer, dietologist, food planner and motivational trainer and is available since iOS and Android today.

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