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I'm A Celebrity Competitor Reveals Ellen DeGeneres's "Not Nice"

With the advent of American soap star Katherine Kelly Lang, it looks like I'm a celebrity … Get me here! they are treated to some nice Hollywood gossip.

Today's episode Bold and The Beautiful star and entertainment reporter Richard Reid ate who thinks he is the worst celebrity – and their answer might surprise you.

The interview began GoggleboxAngie Kent asked Reid "who else was malolite" in Hollywood.

"Ellen, no, no," Reid whispered.

"Ellen who?" Lang asked, which Reid replied, "DeGeneres."

Lang was not surprised by Reid's claim and said she had "heard" beforehand "about the US queen talks.

"It's great to watch her show and everything, but I think her personality is completely different when you get behind the scenes," Lang said.

"I've heard it's hard to work on her performance," Reid said.

"Oh, because he's very boss or something?" Lang asked, and Reid nodded in agreement.

Shocked Lang and Reid's Revelation on Ellen Show Kent said he was "really disappointed" when he discovered that DeGeneres had this reputation.

Angie: "It's really disappointing."

Reid: "I'm glad someone else heard it."

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It's not the first time DeGeneres has been accused of being difficult to work with, and the television personality has been chattering over the years with tabloid stories that included accusations of their off-camera behavior.

DeGeneres denied that he was hard working with him in an interview New York Times last year he called it "direct lie".

"The first day I said," The only thing I want is for everyone to be happy and proud of where they work, and if they do not, they do not work here, "she said.

"Nobody picks up his voice or is not grateful. That's the rule to this day."

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