J.K. Rowling credits "Harry Potter" Fandom for "fantastic beasts" Inspiration

J.K. Rowling does not think she would write "Fantastic Beasts" without the support of her fan.

As supporters of all things Harry Potter you know too well, Fantastic game: The crimes of Grindelwald the official date of introduction to the theater is fast approaching. According to People, J.K. Rowling admitted that the ball fan is around Harry Potter the universe is to a great extent to thank for why Fantastic game movies even exist in the first place.

While on the red carpet during the world premiere of the sequel Fantastic game saga in Paris, Rowling expressed her gratitude for the loyal Harry Potter following – which since the company's release Fantastic animals and where to find them two years ago in 2016.

Among books and movies, Harry Potter has a really explosive base of fans. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows– seventh and last book in the series – was edited into two films released in November 2010 and July 2011. Rebirth Harry Potter the universe and the release of the first Fantastic game The film five years later was fresh air for the fans of the show, who said good-bye to the farewell Harry Potter half a decade ago, when the final film hit theaters.

The time lag between releasing the final Harry Potter film and film Fantastic animals and where to find them is to thank in part for the growing fan base because he introduced the saga to a new generation who may or may not be old enough to follow Harry Potter when he was originally released.

While you are talking PeopleTV on the red carpet, Rowling was telling her what had awakened her most for her release Fantastic Beasts 2 was the opportunity to get a good look at some of the stories and themes that precede Harry Potter story line. Fantastic game was an opportunity to extend it to short nuggets of history established throughout Harry Potter books.

When we talk PeopleTV, Rowling does not think she's going to visit her again Harry Potter space to write Fantastic game movies, if not for an incredibly favorable fandom behind Harry Potter.

"This fandom is most remarkable for me, of course. Their loyalty and passion for these stories really is why I came back because without them I do not think I'd write these movies," Rowling admitted during the interview.

According to PeopleTV, there were about 80 million fans Harry Potter the universe that came to Paris from all over the world to watch the premiere Fantastic game: The crimes of Grindelwald and many admitted that they were thrilled with the opportunity to see J.K. Rowling personally.

Fantastic game: The crimes of Grindelwald the theatrical release date is November 16th.

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