Knifeman shot Melbourne police

POLICE now treats a stinging attack in Bourke St Melbourne as a terrorist incident.

At a press conference yesterday, Victoria Police chief Graham Ashton said yesterday that the man who allegedly forced three people to kill one was known to the state and federal police.

"We now consider it an incident of terrorism," he said.

Commissioner Ashton said that the man who came from Somalia had relatives who were known to come from a "terrorist point of view".

"He has family associations that we are well known for," he said.

Some reports that a man shuddered "Allahu Akbar" during the attack, but Commissioner Ashton said it was not confirmed.

The police chief said a man from northeastern suburban Melbourne died in a hospital today in a hospital after being shot by the police in his chest.

That man in the afternoon in Melbourne CBD stabbed three men and one of them was also dead.

The incident started when a man drove to the city of 4WD and was fired. Commissioner Ashton has confirmed that there are some barbecue gas cylinders in the car.

It is not clear whether the car ignited before or after the man left the vehicle.

According to ABC witnesses, witnesses saw that a person was crashing a car, going out and throwing the object in a car that burned it.

Commissioner Ashton said that after the car was lit, the man began to react with some members of the public before the police arrived.

The man then set off one of the officers through the car window. Another two officers stepped out of the police car and tried to get involved, but the man used the knife to try and attack them. One officer finally shot him once in his chest.

The shots captured shocking scenes when the car was in the flames, and the police shot the man who was hammering in the chest after confronting the officers on arrival at the scene. He was taken to a hospital under a police guard in a critical condition and then died in a hospital.

The police say they were called to the area at 4:10 pm after receiving reports of a car fire at the corner of Swanston Street

At a previous press conference, Victoria Police chief David Clayton told reporters that when the officers stepped out of the car, they were confronted with the man who wore the knife and threatened them.

"The perpetrators called for the members of the public to be stabbed," he said.

He said there are currently no known references to terrorism.

The video came when the man kissed the knife in front of the box.

One witness, Markel, told local ABC in Melbourne that some visitors called on officers to shoot him.

"Lots of observers actually screamed at police officers because the cops tried to tear off the knife and arrest him, but some of them were shouting" just shoot him, just shoot him. ""

In an earlier statement, the Victoria Police said that the man was arrested on the spot and taken to a hospital in a critical condition. She's under police guard.

"A small number of people are being treated for bodily injury," the statement said.

Ambulance Victoria said she was evaluating three people on the scene who were then taken to the hospital.

One had a neck injury and was in a suspicious critical condition; the other person had a head injury; and the condition and injury of a third person were not known.

The police invoked anyone who witnessed the incident or had records of what had happened to them.

Social media footage shows blue eyes in flames and a man dressed in a black tunic and white trousers threatening police with a knife. Two observers are trying to help officers stop a man, one of them by pushing a shopping cart in his path.

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Markel Villasin, 22, completed his move to KFC at Bourke St when the track grew.

"We and the managers have fled, and when we saw the car on the deck, we saw the guy on the floor and we wanted to help him, there were two blocks that helped him, he had his face down the blood," AAP said.

"I'm sure he was stabbed in his face.

"I really wanted to help but I was in shock, I did not know what to do.

"Because he was in his stomach, they turned him to see if he was alright, he was still alive."

Bystander Drew Hair told AAP that he was walking along Swanston Street when he heard the explosion.

The other thing he saw was "a big friend stuck in a police car."

Mr. Hair said the assailant was dressed in Islamic clothing and African-style and about six feet tall.

"The cops tried to hit the batons and did not go down," he said. Mr. Hair said two civilians and two police officers were involved in trying to stop the men from attacking.

Local resident Melbourne Meegan May said at she was on the Bourke St tram going into the city when it stopped just before Elizabeth St, about a block in front of the shopping center. She heard somebody start shouting "my knife."

She looked at the rear window of the tram and noticed the car lit. One man and two policemen tried to calm him down.

"A moment later, I heard a loud bang, sounding like a shot for me," she said.

In a few moments an ambulance and about 10 policemen appeared.

Sky News said that it seems to be a few explosions.

"There was one explosion and fire, then a second blast, and it was like a massive fireball," he said.

The 3AW radio reports indicate that the witnesses saw that the person was driving the vehicle "throwing something in the back", which then ignited.

An eyewitness who spoke with 7 reports said the car seemed to be in the flames before it crashed and exploded.

"I went to Bourke St … and we heard a loud explosion, I thought it was a car, but the flames were flying out of the car, then it turned to the left … and exploded in the flames," the woman said.

"People were running everywhere, I thought it was like last year, so I started running, everyone started running, it was so scary."

The area has been closed and the public is urged to avoid this area.

The police say that they are not looking at anyone at this early stage.

Anyone who has information or witnessed the incident is being asked to go to Melbourne West Police Station to make a statement.

The incident comes as an attempt until the 2017 rampage in Bourke Street continues.

In 2017, six people died in a terrible car storm that also left dozens injured.

Four adults, a child and a child died after James "Dimitrious" Gargasoulas allegedly oranged his car through a busy corridor on January 20th.

The three-month-old Matthew-Bryant, Tahlia Hakin, 10, Yosuke Kanno, 25, Jessica Mudie, 23 and 33-year-old Matthew Si and Bhavita Patel.

In September of this year, a man fighting with a knife outside Flinders St. He was called and arrested in dramatic scenes at the CBD in Melbourne.

In December, another incident occurred when Saeed Noori allegedly drove the car to people passing through the intersection of Flinders and Elizabeth.

At least 18 people, including a four-year-old boy and foreign tourists, were hit by a car in the afternoon, and eight-year-old died of an 83-year-old grandfather, Antonio Crocaris.

If you or someone you know, you need help on the Lifeline 13 11 14 or remotely at 1300 22 4636.

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