Meningococcal infection SA: 18-month-old baby in hospital

An 18-month-old boy is in a stable condition in a hospital with meningococcal infection, as SA Health officials work with a child care center to ensure the health and safety of other children.

SA Health identified several people who met with a child, and 28 received antibiotics as a precautionary measure.

Health officers work with staff at the Kesters Road Child Care Center in Para Hills to ensure that all children and parents who may have contact with the patient receive adequate care and advice.

The strain was identified on B.

There have been 31 cases of meningococcal infection in southern Australia so far this year, compared with 35 cases last year.

There was no connection between the last and the previous case.

From 31, 25 were strain B, four W strains and two Y strains.

Last year, a total of 36 cases were reported – 22 strains B, 11 strains of W and 3 strains of Y.

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