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New Zealand bans Huawei 5G device due to fears of "national security"

New Zealand forbids Huawei 5G devices due to fears of

New Zealand bans Huawei 5G device due to fears of "national security"

NEW ZEALAND has become the last country to block Huawei from delivering devices for its 5G phone network amid "national security issues".

Spark, the largest telecommunications company in the country, said yesterday that government officials had warned her that using the 5G device by Huawei, China, "would pose a significant national security risk when deployed."

"While we are disappointed with this decision, we are convinced that this decision will not affect our plans to launch Spark's 5G network by July 1, 2020, with the New Zealand government providing the necessary spectrum," Spark said in his statement.

Andrew Hampton, General Manager of the United States Government's Office for Communications Security (GCSB), confirmed his decision in his statement: "Spark informed that a significant risk to network security has been identified," said Andrew Hampton, CEO of GCSB.

In response to the latest blow, a few months after Australia banned Huawei from supplying a 5G kit, the Chinese company said it would "look at this issue."

"As the GCSB noted, this is an ongoing process," the company said in a statement. "We will actively address all concerns and work together to find a way forward."

Last week, WSJ that the US government is pushing foreign allies to pull out networking equipment from Huawei, a Chinese company.

As part of the "Outstanding Campaign for Information Campaign", US officials reportedly approached European and Asian countries where Huawei is already in operation and warns them of "national security risks", which is a Chinese company.

Just as the indignation of the cyber-security safety risk, WSJthat Washington is considering increasing financial support for the development of telecommunications in countries that exclude Chinese facilities.

At the same time, it also seeks to promote the purchase and maintenance of non-Chinese facilities by its allies, the report adds, and states that one of the main problems of the government is the use of Chinese telecommunications equipment in countries hosting US military bases such as Italy and Japan; the latest one is already considering a ban on Huawei's 5G device. m

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