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Nintendo pulls an independent game from the eShop for a hidden code editor

Unknown dev Amir Rajan unveiled the code editor "Easter Egg" hidden in his text RPG A Dark Room and Nintendo immediately pulled it out of the eShop.

Rajan revealed the news on the Mastodon social network and said he had a "crazy announcement" before he went into detail.

“Last week, I released Dark Room to the Nintendo switch. I also delivered a Ruby interpreter and code editor as an Easter egg. This Easter egg effectively turns every consumer into a Ruby machine.

When Rajan explained his actions, he said: "This Easter egg is also for you adults who have forgotten what they like to print" hello world ".

"" The sky is a limited mentality that has been defeated and replaced by "do nothing to get you into trouble with the masters who feed us". I created the first spark. Fire is smoldering. Now everyone has to make sure that these carbons don't die. Build. Share. Teach the child to draw a square instead of saying "ooooo, who will be in trumpet" for fucks sakes. "

However, since the game was downloaded from the eShop Switch, Rajan said the days around his announcement and dealing with the return were "the worst" of his life and regretted the impact Circle Entertainment publishes. she had to deal with.

"I'm very sorry for blowing it up," Eurogamer said. “The space for simple quarantine toys was created as a massive use. And of course it is the community that uses these things, which has moved it to that level. I'm partly to blame for my sensational media contributions. "

He pointed out that he "acted alone and stupidly", says it was "the last second" spark of inspiration he slipped into.

“Having Circle with someone from this cannon fire is not something I would ever want. These last three days were the worst days of my life. And I don't know what to say, besides, I'm sorry, and all I wanted to do was allow children (and coding adults who forgot about joy) to discover what I discovered 25 years ago.

"The story that is happening online is exactly what's wrong with the trashcan world fire."

Rajan shared that he had taken a lot of flack online "because stunning news sells" but eventually added that he is "partially blaming for a sensationalizing range of" coding "environments.

It is not known whether Nintendo will allow the title to return to the eShop. Circle said it was "a connection with Nintendo to clarify the next steps and resolve the issue accordingly."

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