Do you know the gorgeous bold colors that should draw a material design? Yes, we've kissed them for a long time, and they seem to be able to get rid of other apps on the phone: Play Store.

Several users have begun to see the new Play Store interface that removes the green name and alert bar, replacing them with white. Also removes the green background behind What's new for changelogs and replacing them with white. It also removes the gray background for app review / review and … guess it … replaces it with white color. The only real increase in color is Greater Green Install button.

There are a number of other interface changes, such as the disappearance of cards for similar applications and recommendations, a wider text column for reviews and some font differences, as well as the mysterious lack of round indicators for download numbers, categories, ratings, and ratings. This can mean that this user interface is still under development because you can see a blank space where it should be … if Google has not changed it completely white. I'm a girl, boy. Partly.

Below is a series of screenshots of the current interface I see on my device (left) and what appears in the new design (right). So you can enchant your eyes to the disappearance of color and shape.

It seems to be a limited server-side testing, so we hope it will not show up to all users before someone in the design team finds out how to add some color or texture back.