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One Nation Unjustly Targeted by Steve Dickson Strip Club Scandal, Pauline Hanson Says – Australia Voices – Federal Elections 2019 – Politics


April 30, 2019 23:20:02

Shy Pauline Hanson says the strip club scandal, which included former Senate nominee One Nation Steve Dickson, has been used to dishonor her political party.

Key points:

  • Pauline Hanson said she was "disgusted" by shots of former Senate budding Steve Dickson
  • But the leader of One Nation said her party was shyly focused on sting
  • Senator Hanson also questioned why "kicking in the gut" is when people "hope and pray" to be "voice" for them

Mr Dickson resigned from the election campaign on Tuesday after secret shots from him who made derogatory comments and touched the dancers last night in a strip club in Washington DC last year.

The former senate budding also apologized for his behavior, saying the footage "does not reflect the person I am".

The video was shot in the same operation that was released last month by Mr. Dickson and party consultant James Ashby, who traveled to the US last year and sought help from a lobbying group campaign like the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Senator Hanson, following the footage leak, told Channel Nine's A Current Affair, who believed her party had been repeatedly targeted so that others would not.

While Senator Hanson said he was "disgusted" by the footage, the leader of one nation insisted that the sting was "three years in an attempt to discredit one nation and pull us down".

"I'm angry. I've been working with it for 23 years since I was elected to the Parliament. I got ups and downs. I'm kicking the guts again and again," Tracey Grimshaw told the host.

"It happened just before the election. They kept it for seven months and released it now. I want to know, Channel Nine paid for it? Al Jazeera said it doesn't give permission to shoot."

After Grimshaw confirmed that the shots had leaked to Nine, Mrs. Hanson asked, "Why is everyone scared of me and afraid of one nation?"

"The Liberal Party favors us under the Labor Party. Why are we working so well with them. It becomes every choice."

"I don't know who's behind it. Someone's behind it. You can't tell me why a foreign country is interested in Australian politics. That's a big question."

She stressed the difference in response to Mr. Dickson's visit compared to former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's visit to the New York Strip Club in 2003. According to the club's chief, Mr. Rudd acted like a lord.

"Kevin Rudd, going to the strip club, got Craig Thomson, who used the trade union credit card, you had corruption, you had Eddie Obeid … you had everything, but just interlocked," she said.

"No, let's give Pauline Hanson a kick in the gut."

The actions of the NRAs "did not go through the leader of one nation

The discussion then turned to Al Jazeera's secret investigation last month, which revealed Nation's efforts to obtain political donations from the NRA when the US Weapons Lobby encouraged the party to weaken Australia's stringent arms ownership laws.

Senator Hanson took the opportunity to request escape talks between Mr Dickson, Mr Ashby and the advocate of the right to false weapons, Rodger Muller, who was not executed with her consent.

"I didn't know they were there, and I didn't know they'd say it. I'm devastated by what happened there.

"At the end of the day, I'm the leader of this political party. I don't care what Steve Dickson says. I'm a leader."

"I would take a foreign donation from the NRA? No. I had a company that would offer me $ 50,000. I didn't take it. We never accept foreign gifts … I'm sick of it. It's totally wrong."

Hanson sets off for the club's storm

As the interview reached its end, Senator Hanson admitted that one nation was not unique when faced with negative press releases before the federal elections.

"We are not the only party that has problems with candidates. All major parties are doing it. But you have to be honest and struggle to get together and stand next to me for what I want to do," she said.

Referring to those who stayed on her ticket, Mrs. Hanson said, "I think I have a great line-up.

Asked why she wanted to stay in politics, Mrs. Hanson said she was "still a lot" she wanted to do.

"There is so much poverty and people who are injured," she said.

"And at the end of the day, these politicians and MEPs, with the main political parties, don't care about people."

"It's all about trade unions, it's about multinationals, it's about business, and people don't know who to turn to and trust or trust."

The hours before Mrs. Hanson's commentary on One Nation appeared with the claim that the party's candidate for Leichhardt, Ross MacDonald, shared a number of paintings about how he featured on top of women with women without women on social networks.



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