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Prince Harry accused of trimming a photo of an elephant with a rope around his leg

Prince Harry found himself in hot water and was accused of cropping a photograph of an elephant who was taken on an African tour to hide his tether around his foot on Instagram.

The picture was sent to the @sussexroyal account of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to celebrate Earth Day last week.

The image shows a man touching the tusk of an elephant that is visible except his hind legs.

However, the original appearance, which appears in a 2016 press release from Kensington Palace on Harry's trip to Malawi, shows a wider image representing an elephant's tied back leg.

On Instagram, the title refers to Harry's project, which was designed to relocate hundreds of elephants to protected parks, despite the fact that the animals were reassured and tethered, as reported in the press release.

That is: “When a fenced area passes through its capacity for elephants, it begins to interfere with farmland, causing community disputes.

"Here, @AfricanParksNetwork has moved 500 elephants to another park in Malawi to reduce pressure on human wildlife conflict and create more dispersed tourism."

The Duke was now criticized for having concealed the whole truth on the social media platform when he decided to trim the rope from his Earth Day post.

Wildlife Photographer Christiaan Kotze told Mail Online: "He (Harry) is at the front and has access that few people, including professional photographers, ever want to have a dream.

"If it's really his best shots, he didn't take the opportunity to the full."

He said about the visit in 2016, the prince said, "This young man fought the drug and headed for the trees, which would make it difficult for us to get him into the car.

"This great bull (male) elephant refused to lie down after being knocked out by a soothing remedy. After about seven minutes, the drug began to manifest itself and the elephant became semi-comatose, but kept stirring for a while. "

According to UK UK station UK, the image has not been "intentionally cropped and has been widely shared since 2016".

This article originally appeared on the Sun and was reproduced with permission

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