Prince Harry travels to Zambia Solo for anniversary engagement

Prince Harry thinks he spent the anniversary of the day when he and Meghan Markl shared the joyous reports of their engagement in a special place, pushing a special cause.

He goes to Africa to visit projects in Zambia. Harry, who loves the continent and regularly attends the Duchess of Sussex, is doing business in favor of the Commonwealth (he is an ambassador of a family of nations connected to the United Kingdom) and has met with the preservation of the African Parks group.

November 27 – the annual anniversary of the world's awareness of married couple plans – will meet the organization called CAMFED, which addresses poverty and inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa through education of girls and the empowerment of young women. It is a problem that is approaching the heart of one's wife, and one of them will be a central part of public work.

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Prince Harry during a visit to Lesotho in Africa in June

Prince Harry during a visit to Lesotho in Africa in June

Kensington Palace / Instagram

Harry, 34, began his visit to Zambia the previous day with a reception celebrating the connection between the United Kingdom and Zambia.

On November 27, the prince heads to the barracks to remind the Zambian veterans of both world wars, meet the widows of the veterans, and be exhibited at a special photographic exhibition of the African WWI soldier.

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The Queen's Commonwealth Trust, whose president is also the president, has a royal father who is about to be ready to talk to young leaders conducting social plans around the world. He will also visit the Zambian Circus, which helps young people from the Lusaka vulnerable environment with life skills, while providing education and employment opportunities. CAMA Trust partner CAMA will be among those they meet, including their alumni CAMFED. Harry is about to step out.

Harry's final duty in the country will be to visit BongoHive, the country that is the first technology and innovation. He will take part in one of the workshops, meet entrepreneurs who will work on the pitch before the next funding, and hear from the founders of start-ups who benefit from BongoHive's support.

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