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Resident Evil 2 Mod allows Mr. X to put it on Ya, inserts DMX 2003 Rap

Resident Evil 2 is a video game where repeatedly and repeatedly trying to give you X – "it" is a fist face. Fortunately, there is now a mod that provides a suitable soundtrack that will die.

Resident Evil 2 is a video game in which you repeatedly and repeatedly try to give you X – "that" it is face to face. Fortunately, there is now a mod that will provide you with a suitable soundtrack that will die.

Released late last month, Resident Evil 2 tells the story of the dreadful, terrible, bad, very bad first day of Leone Kennedy at work. Together with Clare Redfield's University, the game is guided by the first cop's attempts to escape from Raccoon City after the biological weapon transforms its citizens into zombies – all of them making their darnedest eat his face away.

That's a bad situation, according to anyone. But there's even a more menacing threat than the horde of bitej zombies and it's in the trench and fedora.

Throughout the game, the player is guarded by a gargantuan trump card called T-00, also known as Mr. X. This genetically modified terror golem is the only purpose in life to end with you and unfortunately is a very targeted person for you.

It's a sense of inevitability when Mr. X goes after you at a constant and terrible pace. It's like watching your mother, knowing that you did not wash your dishes as if you were asking.

Mr. X is also immune to bullets, damage to melee and probably hurts feelings. Throwing a grenade can take him for some time, but the best is to cover up and hope to disappear as well as solve some other problem.

However, one modder has managed to make the X a little less mind-insensibly scary.

Using a PC copy of the modder, DJ Pop dug into the game files and created a mod that replaces the instrumental melody of the "Black Impact" game. As a result, as Mr X approached, Resident Evil 2 DMX erupts in 2003, "X Gon 'Give It To Ya & # 39 ;, as if he were wearing a huge boombox on one arm or entering a wrestling arena.

The song will even disappear when you place some distance between yourself and the ugly personification of the fist, so you can use it to assess the imminent threat of your death.

Mod is not likely to lose cases where Mr. X would have knocked your head, but at least you will be able to listen to a great melody during your last moments of ear ownership. If you would like it to be provided by X, you can find it here along with instructions for installing it.

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