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The days are longer, the beaches are buzzing and it is socially acceptable to wear the straps again. And while warmer months bring a heap of health benefits – such as improving mood, increasing vitamin D and more opportunities to get out of exercise – can also cause sleep burning.

"Summer is an absolute seasons when more people have difficulty sleeping and has much to do with outside temperature," says Dr. Sleeping Guru. Michael Breus.

"Your entire sleeping system is based on a daily temperature rhythm, when the body's temperature rises all day and reaches a peak around 10:30, then begins to sink, causing the brains to feel sleepy."

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Although the ideal room temperature for sleep lies between 18 ° C and 22 ° C, summer temps can grow much higher. This increased heat can interfere with your natural sleeping rhythm and prevent you from feeling the urge to nod.




While controlling the temperature in the bedroom by opening windows, using a fan or turning on the air conditioning can be useful, it is only the first step.

Here we will uncover simple hackers to help you beat the heat – and fall asleep – all night …


Even if your room sits at a comfortable temperature, the hot bed still disturbs your sleep and the high number of thread threads are to blame.

"To make sheets of high fiber, you need to seal the cloth more tightly, which prevents the circulation of air in the bed and makes it warmer," explains Dr. Breus.

Its perfect summer pod has a number of threads 350-450 and is made of cotton or bamboo, which are the most dynamic fabrics.


If you really fight, you might want to invest in some special accessories.

"There's a device called Chili Pad [], something like a cool electric blanket, and it really did me, "says Dr. Breus.

It goes to the mattress and pumps water through the microtubule in the pad to keep you cool.

For an alternative with lower technical properties, fill the bottle of hot water with cold water and attach it to the freezer.

Just before you go to bed, place it between the leaves and act like a big ice pack. Canting a case on a pillow in the freezer can also help as well as damping the leaves.

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This cooled glass of wine can be refreshed at this time, but alcohol can make your body warmer than it really is. Change your evening thirst for a cup of banana teas dr. Breach and you will sleep for a while when you hit the pillow.

"Bananas contain releasing magnesium, but the bark contains more than meat," says Dr. Breus.

To cook, rinse the banana under water, cut the ends and cut in half. Pour into a pot with boiling water and let it shake for four to five minutes until the banana goes out.

Drain the liquid and let it cool and drink an hour before bedtime. Dr. Breus says he recommends tea to all his clients – in fact, the princess cruises by dr. Breuše use as sleeping adviser, now offer the drink to the guests as a potty!


If you need to cool quickly, Dr. Breus suggests you to uncover your legs.

"I've actually explored why it's so effective and it's because the feet do not have hair, which means they lose heat faster than most other parts of the body."

The same can be said for your hands, so hold your hands off the cover too.

media_cameraKeep your legs exposed if you want to cool down during sleep.


Grilled banquet may sound like your idea of ​​how you spend the summer evening, but if you deal too close to bedtime, you could be for a rough night's sleep.

Eating heavy food will force your digestive system to work better, which means that your body will burn more energy, and this can cause your core temperature to rise.

Tighten to light meals such as salads instead, or if you have a heavier meal, do not forget to leave at least one hour between dinner and bed.

6. Remove the sun

Although studies have shown that it is exposed to natural light, it can help regulate circadian rhythms, prolonged sunlight during the summer months (and during summer time) can throw off the routine before bedtime.

And not only that, brighter, morning morning will also wake you up before it's necessary.

Dr. Breus suggests using darkening curtains or eye masks to create an environment that is more enjoyable.

Keep the shaded colors throughout the day to reduce the amount of heat that enters the bedroom, and hopefully it's easier to sleep.

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Replace morning rinse for nighttime washing to help regulate sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleeping before bedtime – and leaving the skin slightly damp – can mimic the sweat process and help keep you cool.

If you can not keep your stomach by a cold shower, the research also found that warmer rinsing or bathing an hour before bedtime can cause a fall in body temperature, indicating it's time to say good night.


Did he notice that Prince Harry was playing a distinctive ring during his recent tour of Oz? It turned out to be a really hi-tech sleep called Oura ring (from around $ 400,

Stepping up from the large wrist trackers that currently dominate the smart technology market, this sleek, discreet ring measures body temperature, pulse and motion through infrared technology.

media_cameraPrince Harry wears his "sleeping ring" while in Dubbo with his wife Meghan. Image: Chris Jackson / Getty Images

It then transfers data to your smartphone, which displays information in a series of interactive charts.

In addition to monitoring the duration and quality of sleep, the Oura Ring also tracks your exercise, provides tips on how to optimize the sleep routine, and lets you know when it's time to relax or be active.

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