Sunshine Coast: Bushfire in Caloundra, Malá hora

CAMPERS on the northern island of Stradbroke were evacuated from the main beaches and the land parcels were suspended as the lawn deteriorated.

The main beach was closed south of Alfred Martin Way and a fishing line was closed.

FIRE NOTICE: Emergency situations when residents said they were running away

SCORCHER: Southeast Straights for hot conditions

BY CONTROL: The golden coastal fires contain

The Redland Council has introduced an extensive ban on the fire and will hold a community meeting tomorrow informing residents about other city threats.

Residents are urged to pay attention to the Council's latest warnings, as the threat of fire is steadily increasing.

Other emergency services are in the standby mode to help evacuate and map the spread of the fire.

Dense smoke clogged the air and reduced the quality and visibility, said the council spokesman.

media_cameraThe island of North Stradbroke is burning fire

Elsewhere, there are several fire crews on the scene when bush burning on the Sunshine Coast.

The fire burns on the west side of the Kawana Way Link road, on the northern side of the Caloundra road and on the eastern side of the Honey Farm Road in Caloundra at Little Mountain.

Kawana Way Link Road was closed in both directions this morning between Caloundra Rd and Creekside Blvd.

The fire is burning in closed lines and currently does not pose any threat to property, a spokesman for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said.

Firefighters will work to strengthen protective lines throughout the day.

The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service warned that smoke affects Buderim, Sippy Downs, Mountain Creek and surrounding areas.

Residents are asked to close windows and doors and, if they are suffering from breathing difficulties, keep the medication close. Motorists should drive with caution and conditions.

media_cameraResidents in Oxenford at Kopps Rd watch out for the fire burning in the hills during yesterday's dangerous conditions. Picture of Glenn Hampson

Following the adoption of the emergency declaration concerning the extensive fire on the shoreline of the Sunshine Coast, it was lifted.

The emergency statement was made in accordance with the Public Safety and Protection Act around 12.10. When a large fire of grass was burned in Malá Hora.

The declaration included the boundaries of the Kawana Link route to the west, the Caloundra road in the south, the Parklands Boulevard to the east, and the Meridan Way to the north.

Fire no longer poses a threat to households and the statement was canceled at 2.48 am.

Smoke from the Bush fire at Oxenford, Gold Coast, seen from suburban streets

Bushfire in Oxenford

Meanwhile, residents of the North Island Stradbroke were invited to be informed of a fire on the island.

Around 11.20 in the morning, the bushfire was near the eighteen miles of swamps south of Alfred Martin Way, near Main Beach.

The property was not compromised.

Also in the southeast, two large fires burning in the Gold Coast bay it took several hours for the firefighters to get under control.

Wongawallan and residents of Oxenford were told they were about to leave before 17:00.

The Wongawallan blaze was under control until 17:30, while the Oxenford Fire was eventually considered under control just before 19pm.

Southeast fires come as more than 100 fires continue this morning across the country.

The worst are considered central Queensland, residents of several communities urge them to leave their homes.

Hot, dry conditions are expected today. Today, authorities have described the expected conditions as "relevant," but not as disastrous as in previous days.

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