Sydney FC is subject to Cowburn when Jets gets out of jail

The jets are still without a victory after four rounds, and they only became dangerous after Cowburn's goals. Previously, they were too difficult to attack and easily kill the Sky Blues. The result could really mask the team's defeats in this respect, although coach Ernie Merrick was not much interested in it.

"Statistics show that we have entered a leading third more than they … we had thirteen shots to their five. That said, statistics often lie," said Merrick. "Both teams played great, I think the draw was a fair result [although] I was convinced that we would make another goal and then steal the game. "

Draw will probably look like a loss for Sydney, a far better team. Charles Lokolingoy had the opportunity to score a goal but Glena Mossa was unable to score a goal for A-League's goal.

Riposte: Nick Cowburn celebrates at the McDonald Jones Stadium.

Riposte: Nick Cowburn celebrates at the McDonald Jones Stadium.Credit:Jonathan Carroll

"To bring a goal late in the game we controlled … it's a frustrating end," said coach Sydney, Steve Corica. "We were very good at most parts of the game, two points that were definitely lost, and it would be great if we got three points, because it's a very difficult place … We were almost there but not quite."


Both teams had good goals in honor on Saturday night at Hunter. Ronald Vargas had a great chance at Jets in the fifth minute when he released the ball, but the Venezuelan attempt went straight to Andrew Redmayn.

A moment later, the unjustified head of Nikolai Topor-Stanley opened the door to the Le Fondre format to get into his arms, but he moved over the right column. Maybe he is a man – it was the first game the Englishman played for Sydney FC without scoring.

Sydney took the lead in the 20th minute from another mistake at the back. Brandon O'Neill rushed to the unmarked Rhyan Grant, who had all the time in the world to measure his cross from his right wing.

The recruited Socceroo chose Brosque, who managed to turn the ball towards the goal with the header. It was easy for Moss to work, but Brosque's efforts had managed to compress somehow under his hands and into the back of the net.

She continued in Brosque's career goal against Newcastle. No player in the history of the competition was more likely to control Newcastle than veteran Sky Blues Captain, whose personal record now stands at 14 of 29 matches.

Moss's defeat was deflationary for Jets, but dominated the rest of the first half. But for the sake of their ownership, they made very little, with Sydney more easily pressurized.

Guardianship: Glen Moss cleans the ball for Jets before the arrival of Adam Le Fondre.

Guardianship: Glen Moss cleans the ball for Jets before the arrival of Adam Le Fondre.Credit:AAP

It was more identical in the second tent. Fans began to scare off frustration every time Newcastle got into a good position without having a good time.

Ninkovic showed off their tactical experience and slotted the ball after 65 minutes. Moss partially redeemed the fine to keep him up until Cowburn's late strike had made the rest of the jail.

Vince is a sports reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald.

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