The best time to have a protein shake is at bedtime

If you are trying to boost your profits after a great workout, refueling your body is absolutely necessary. But when is the best time to break muscle building supplements? New research suggests that there might be a time when all the other lessons are immersed.

A study by Nutrition and Translation Metabolism Research (NUTRIM) found that protein supplements used just before bedtime can "maximize (strengthen) strength and muscle mass gains during regular resistance training."

Findings published in Nutrition Borders they analyzed 44 "healthy young men on a 12-week lifting program." Scientists investigated the effects of protein use at bedtime and how they affected their muscle mass.

"Half of the participants got a protein shake at bedtime containing about 30 grams of casein and 15 grams of carbohydrates every night, while others got a drink without energy, News Medical sciences (NMLS)

Naturally, both groups saw an increase in their muscle size, but "the rise was significantly greater in the protein bed group and was associated with a greater increase in muscle strength and size."

Researchers recommend that more work be done to see if profits have been down to night consumption or other protein consumption. However, previous evidence has found that most recovery and growth occurs overnight and amino acids are needed to accelerate this growth.

Bedtime protein snacks can provide key amino acids that are not stored naturally in the body.

If you're following some high-protein snacks to help you increase your profits, here are seven that will do the trick.

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