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The woman writes a powerful letter to the director-general who refused to offer her work after a "humiliating" interview

Accepting a job offer is usually something to celebrate. But for a 22 year old graduate Olivia Bland, when she was offered the Assistant of Communications at the Web Applications UK travel agency in the United States.

After a disturbing conversation with Craig Dean's CEO, Olivia decided to reject this job – and courageously detailed the reasons why in a letter that has since disappeared with Twitter.

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Olivia wrote this week on the social network: "I had a job interview last night at Web Applications UK. After a brutal two-hour interview in which CEO Craig Dean shuddered both me and my contribution (and he called me a suspect), she was the work I've been offered today was my answer. "

Olivin's powerful letter, describing Craig as "a man who tries to intimidate and force power over a young woman," has liked it more than 37,000 times and has moved over 8,000 times, as evidenced by the people. The CEO has since published a Twitter justification.

When we talk Cosmopolitan UK about the conversation – which was her second company and was for the job she had "great hopes" of getting – Olivia described in detail how she felt uncomfortable at first.

"I went to the interview and [Craig] he did not set me to throw a hand for a very long time. He was on his phone and told me he was looking at Spotify for a moment. "

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According to the director of Olivia, the CEO gave a list of different bands and song names that sounded familiar to her. "He mentioned in 1975 and said," They were in Manchester last week, I'm not a big fan, but some of my friends went, "he said," Well, you have to be a bit of a fan because it's on your playlist. "

"I realized he was watching my Spotify playlists. It was very bizarre, "says Olivia Cosmopolitan UK.

The interview then started correctly when Craig allegedly asked Olivia about personal questions like "Are you still parents together?" "I do not understand why it is important or relevant," he says.

"He told me I was a subordinate – but I just finished my first grade"

During the interview, Olivia says her prospective future boss has reviewed his resume and said, "You are a subordinate."

"I just graduated, I graduated from the first grade," he notes.

Olivia felt that the manager "tried to break me, but I kept it together really well until he created the test I did in the interview a week ago."

Olivia was entrusted with the correct exercise and written exercise that the CEO addressed in an interview. "He read the lines and told me everything that was wrong in each row."

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At first, the graduate considered constructive criticism. But when Craig apparently began to say things like, "What I just said is much better than what you spent 45 minutes of writing," says it seemed like unnecessary degradation and began to tear.

"It was so unpleasant that he brought two other girls with him just to be supervised. It was so humiliating because they did not ask any questions, they were just there to see me embarrassed.

At the end of the interview – after Olivia informed her that she "should keep her together in a professional interview environment" because she noticed she was becoming emotional – the candidate said the CEO told her she was "cruel, would make her favor in the long run.

"One of the things he said to me was," You think I'm an arrogant prick, but I'm not. I'm really kind to you by teaching you things you need to know about yourself, "says Olivia Cosmopolitan UK.

When she left the company's office, Olivia broke tears.

"I felt like I was not good enough. Did I feel what I was doing for this job?" "Maybe I should do something simpler."

So she was surprised when shortly thereafter, the office assistant of Web Applications UK (also Craig's wife) called Olivia to offer her a job. Graduates accepted it orally – "I did not think I could say no," she explains – but when she woke up the next day, Olivia knew it would be a mistake to take that job.

"I'm tired of accepting waste from people who think they have such authority over people"

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She refused that. But instead of justifying a "change of circumstances" or "other role", as many would have done, Olivia decided to be completely transparent about the reasons for her decision.

"I'm tired of accepting waste from people, especially men, who think they have such authority over people and who want people to feel small," he explains.

When she just moved home to Manchester from the south coast, where she was exposed to an abusive relationship, she was 22 years old.

"I've been on a personal level for a long time, I do not want to go on a professional level – and I do not think it's something we should like to have a shot at. I thought I'd rather be honest with them and maybe they could learn from it , "says Olivia.

At first she could not tell her about her strengthened letter, but the more she thought about it, Olivia realized that if she had experienced such a thing, so many others must have.

"I did not want to remain silent, I wanted to publicly say that it was okay to say no. You do not have to have an opportunity unless you feel uncomfortable about it.

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"Obviously, I'm in a very happy place where I can say no, because I know that not everyone can refuse work, but you do not have to work for people – or be with people – who abuse their power."

After Olivia Post received so much Twitter tracking, Craig Dean published a statement in which he apologized for the "injury" that was caused and insisted that "never [his] intention ".

The CEO's statement was:

"Hearing someone in pain is heartbreaking, hearing that you feel that you are causing it is devastating. If that person explicitly asks you not to respond, you have to respect it and I will continue, even if it means accusations.

I have no desire to see someone hurt; and I can only apologize if something I did has the effect; it was not my intentions. I am deeply interested in the situation of all people, especially those who are looking for new opportunities and trying better on their own.

If possible, I apologize directly. If the goal of all the others is to punish me, my family and friends without defense, then it has succeeded. It is the wound and the lesson that remains with me. "

In the meantime, Olivia received an influx of responses from people who had similar experience in interviews. She was also contacted about numerous other roles she could ask who graduating the job search can be "silver lining" she takes from suffering.

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"I have so many women who say to me:" I wish I had the strength or strength to do it, "says Olivia Cosmopolitan UK. "I think it's time to realize they can have the strength and strength to do the things.

"It is important for people to say that something is wrong because everyone has been quiet for too long."

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