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A woman who allegedly set fire to a mattress inside Point Cook Town House, which caused a wildfire that killed a young family, was a sex worker visiting her roommate, 9News may reveal.

Detective arson and explosives yesterday accused Fawkner’s 46-year-old wife, Jenny Hayes, of three murder and arson cases that caused death after her arrest at West Airport.

Abbey Forrest (19 years old), Inda Sohal (28 years old) and their three-week-old daughter Ivy died in the house after a fire broke through the Totem Way on Wednesday at around 3.40 am.

9News understands that Mrs. Hayes was visiting a client who lived on the lower floor of a townhouse when there was an argument.

It is understood that the man left the property, and that is when the four-time mother allegedly set fire to the mattress.

She reportedly showed a friend photos of the burnt bed.

Mrs. Hayes, a 19-year-old son from Harley, told 9News today that he felt “really numb” because he knew his mother was allegedly involved in a fatal incident.

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