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$ 20 million for Styrian mini-speakers

The giant manufacturer of microphones, USound, has earned $ 20 million (more than € 17 million) of land investment: money will be the "smallest loudspeaker in the world" that is marketed worldwide.

"Our intelligent microphone speakers will affect many areas of life. We have begun to change the paradigm for the entire audio industry," says Ferruccio Bottoni, CEO. Until October, USound won the European Technology Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan.

Usound speakers

APA / USOUND / Thomas Roessler

"Smallest speaker in the world"

The current investment to expand penetration in the world market comes from the Austrian venture capital company eQventure and the British-Austrian venture capitalist Hermann Hauser. Besides capital, eQventure also offers world-class network and industry know-how. EQventure GmbH now holds nearly 66.5% USound, the rest of shares are owned by Bottoni (17.5%), Andrea Rusconi Clerici Beltrami (13.1%) and Jörg Schönbacher (2.9%).

Chinese bulk orders

Only last week USound proceeded to order millions of dollars from China's leading 3nod Acousticlink solution supplier – delivering Graz's "Ganymede" MEMS piezoelectric speakers to 3nod Acousticlink. The contract lasts for at least two years and brings USound, according to its own statements, "selling several million US dollars".

USound was founded in 2014 and currently has more than 50 employees – what it learns in USUND earphones soon in production (January 16, 2017) and in Graz finds headphones for mobile phones (27.6.16).


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