After Father Beimer dies Lindenstraße now

Cologne (dpa) – From Lindenstraße fans' point of view, it must appear in retrospect as a bad sign that Hans Beimer suddenly collapsed in a forest cottage at the beginning of September and made his last breath.


A few weeks after the death of this central personality, the WDR broadcasts the end of the series – the longest run of German TV on Friday.

The final episode will take effect in March 2020, after more than 34 years. Producer Hans W. Geißendörfer (87), and his daughter and successor Han (34), said angrily, "We are horrified and can only express our lack of understanding." In times of right and xenophobic, the series is "more important than ever".

For years, rumors of imminent threats emerged, but eventually the production contract was extended again and again. After all, "Lindenstraße" is "an icon on German television," as Volker Herres, program director for the first, says.

When the series began on December 8, 1985, Helmut Kohl was only a three-year Chancellor, East Erich Honecker was firmly in the saddle. And on "Lindenstraße"? As a family, Beimer played coffee and a cake for the first Advent. "Will we stop now?" They were the first words in the series Benni Beimer (Christian Kahrmann). Father Hans replied: "We just started!" Prophetic words.

The series was originally criticized sharply. Even WDR itself has conceived problems with getting pregnant, it is too slow. Geißendörfer had another opinion: "The series plays in the normal rhythm of life. If Hans Beimer ever runs amok, then you can prepare the audience six or eight years later. "

From now on, Lindenstraße worked as a mirror to the federal replica of moral and social history. Marriage dreams Helga and Hans Beimer broke up after leaving his "dove" for neighbor Anne. Carpenter Benno Zimmermann died of AIDS. In 1990, the German series showed how kissing two homosexuals. Drug trafficking, alcoholism, addiction to gambling, suicide and even a slaughtered rabbit – compared to "Wicherts beside" or ZDF "rural doctor" is happening on the Lindenstraße.

It was also a great policy: Lindenstraße intervened in an election campaign in 1998 by setting up a Vietnamese candidate for candidate Helmut Kohl (CDU) and Gerhard Schröder (SPD). On the Sunday of the federal elections last year, residents even replied to a result that had recently become known: the creators changed the scenarios for him and were now putting the appropriate option.

Geißendörfer from the outset aims to see the audience see the inhabitants of Lindenstraße as neighbors. The boundary between fiction and reality has faded away. Irene Fischer-Probst, an actress girlfriend of Anne Ziegler's Hein Beimer, was called an "adulteress" at a supermarket. CSU politician Peter Gauweiler sued Lindenstraße in 1988 because his inhabitants called him "fascist". Some viewers even wanted to rent a car at the Vorortstraße in Munich, which only exists as a background on the WDR on the scattered outskirts of Cologne.

And now the end – how can it happen? This is also related to the history of the Federal Republic. When the Lindenstraße started, the public tender just got RTL was still very young. At that time, an average of 12 million people were seen in the 1980s. In the end, there were just over two million left.

After all, a good year, the series will continue, so long is the current production contract. And then, of course, it's like this: Only when there is a series of history actually becomes a cult. It's almost as if Father Beimer was expecting it. His last words shortly before his death a few weeks ago were: "It's not the end, it's just the beginning."

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