Amazon expands Apple's product lineup

Seattle / Cupertino, California (APA / Reuters) – Amazon is expanding Apple's product lineup. Shortly before the start of Christmas, two competing companies in the US agreed to extend their previously limited cooperation. The world's largest online retailer has announced that it will sell the latest versions of iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and other devices in the US, Europe, Japan and India in the coming weeks.

Amazon has only a limited offer of Apple products, such as Macs and Beats headphones. But the new offer is not included in the Apple HomePod streaming loudspeaker, which competes with Amazon's online counterpart Echo and the Alexa voice service.

Amazon, Apple and other US technology names like Google have little joint power thanks to a competitive supply of devices and services. Amazon and Apple, however, have now overcome these differences in order to increase sales at key retail seasons. The new partnership also shows that Amazon's market power continues to grow in importance for leading brands such as Apple and Nike, who have resisted the distribution of their products through an online retailer for a long time.

At the same time, Amazon is heavier against counterfeiting of branded products. In addition, from January 4, Amazon will remove Apple's third party products from its offer, which are not for sale approved by the iPhone manufacturer. Customers should nevertheless be able to continue purchasing non-branded accessories, such as headphones, in an online store that is compatible with Apple devices.

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