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American Idol 2019: An Inconvenient Moment – Dieter Bohlen behaves badly as the winner is declared

On Saturday night, RTL was selected in DSDS Final 2019 by the new German "superstar". There was an ugly scene: Dieter Bohlen apparently denied the winning winner.

  • The final was held on April 27 at 8:15 pm on RTL.
  • These ten candidates have achieved the motto of the show.
  • Four candidates were in the final: Alicia, Davin, Joana and Nick. Finally, Davin won.
  • The winner will receive € 100,000 and a contract with Universal Music.

+++ update ticker +++

Updating 21:21: How does Davin handle his DSDS victory? Will she completely give up her life and her old job as a geriatric sister? He knows it loudly Interview picture not yet. “I love my job. As soon as I have time, I'll be back to work. But, of course, now I'm fully focused on my dream. Music is just my life, "said the DSDS winner. His boss knows nothing about his new plans: "I didn't really talk to my boss. I'm curious what he says. But I think I can always have a place in a retirement home.

On Monday, Davin will be shooting a video for his single "The River". In addition, there will be a performance at ZDF Fernsehgarten and Let's Dance.

And rumors of his love life already exist. With the beauty of GNTM, he was said to be seen while chasing, as reports *.

Video: Winner with his song "The River"

DSDS Final 2019: Dieter Bohlen behaves badly as the winner is declared

Updates, 16:56: Many Twitter users were amazed at the DSDS final whether Dieter Bohlen was offended or even angry that Davin and not his favorite had won. It was introduced on Sunday picture the question of what he says about Davin's victory. And Bohlen sounded somewhat conciliatory: "I am very happy for Davin and wish him good luck in this very exciting business. Yeah, personally, I think Nick's better, but Davin called more and he won fairly. I wish all those interested that the music was the most beautiful for them, and I would like to thank everyone who went for their participation. And good luck, dear Davine!

Maybe pop titan on Saturday night might have forgotten the heat of the fight? Dieter Bohlen can only answer for himself …

Dieter Bohlen is not the winner of DSDS Davin

Update from April 28 at 8:50 am: The 16th edition of the DSDS was really exciting. But in the end it was a surprise for the audience and the winner – but negatively. Because after it was announced that geriatric nurse Davin Herbrüggen winner of DSDS 2019 not everyone is happy. While the audience cheered and the winner Davina could not believe his luck, he would probably want another on the DSDS throne: Jury Chief Dieter Bohlen.

Darling Dieter Bohlen was clearly the street musician Nick Ferretti, whom Bohlen himself discovered. That Nick didn't win, apparently Bohlen couldn't understand. He even left the stage without congratulating Davin on how Twitter users noted it (see below). Whether Bohlen Davin congratulated himself far behind the cameras is unclear. The handshake on stage would be a nice gesture anyway.

DSDS Final 2019: This is the winner of the 16th season! – And Dieter Bohlen is upset

00.00 hours: So it is again with DSDS 2019! However, season 17 is guaranteed faster than we all think. Until!

23:44: The future of all DSDS finalists seems safe in any case after this amazing Twitter user idea. Solution: ZDF TV Garden!

DSDS Finale 2019: Is Dieter Bohlen Upset?

23:18: Inventive Twitter users want to recognize that Dieter Bohlen did not believe the winner Davin …

23.10 hours: Especially the network community is simply happy that Nick didn't win.

23:00: Whether Dieter Bohlen is very broken? No, there's probably another song from him for Nick. We can also be in mind now and ask if Nick's age was guilty. But no, of course we don't.

DSDS 2019: The winner was decided

22:57: DAVIN is the winner of DSDS 2019 !!

22:57: 44% for the winner …

22:51: Thank you Oli Geissen for explaining that the DSDS Cup is totally shaky. So it saves too much …

22:50: Dr. Fleischhauer is here …

22:46: Now killing some time before the winner is declared are the most fun performances of casting candidates.

22:44: So just a few seconds.

22:40: Such a small Dieter-Bohlen review of the last 16-DSDS years. Markus Lanz and Frauke Ludowig also looked pretty young.

22:26: Whether you need to save on DSDS? Once there was a higher payout and the composers seem to be spared … and the contestants don't even have the jungle potential. That makes us sad.

DSDS 2019: Dieter Bohlen takes over the boy as winner

22:30: "Now everyone says I'm a macho, but I think two guys are just better than girls," says Bohlen. Yes, macho sayings to Dieter, but not bad …

22:29: Pietro considers it incredible that he can sit in the jury … then it would be clarified. And Davin is also a favorite Pietro.

22:28: Oana is great.

22:26: Xavier promotes his favorite Davin … because when does Xavier really care about it?

22:25: Another ESC song …

22:21: And the final song of the finalists' evening is coming. The Davins song is a hot "river". After Davin fully identifies himself with his song, we hope he's not that trivial.

22:03: We only ask the question: Was it in the final songs to make this sound as irrelevant as possible? However, the participation of the ESC should be ensured.

22:00: Joana's song is called "Like Crazy".

DSDS Final 2019: Dieter Bohlen finds rumors about Nick stupid

21:56: Dieter finds rumors about Nick's stupid age. Well, that would be clear. And of course Nick's performance is "mega".

21:55: Pietro now makes Dieter Stolz, in which he agrees. Nick was great.

21:54: Oana likes the stage … interesting. Not for a song.

21:53: Kitsch music fits perfectly with Nick.

21:50: Nick now has the chance to play "Anyone Else". We heard it before … I know it somehow. Mix Commercial and Ed Sheeran Songs. It definitely has the potential for kitsch films. Dieter Bohlen finds out that every bet is good.

DSDS Finale 2019: Alice's song divides spirits

21:46: But there is something important about Dieter Bohlen. "I don't know if it was good. That's a lot of nonsense." You often have to hear it when you say it's good. "But it's clear to Twitter users: Dieter Bohlen can only blaspheme if the songs aren't his own.

21:44: Pietro thought it was fine for Alicia.

21:43: Oana is absolutely surprised … who would think so.

21:42: In Xavier are all "winners" – they are "all international".

21.40: Unfortunately, it sounds like a pretty random pop song … but we also think with every ESC song. Who knows, their fans might like it.

21:38: Alicia's song is called "Good Things". The song is a good mood hit.

21:33: So now comes the four songs of the four finalists in the series.

21:25: And Dieter: "Because you have to dig in the graveyard until you find someone who sings the number as cool as you." But of course they have to say in advance that everything is very difficult to compare.

21:23: Now Xavier and Bohlen can go out, because for Xavier Davin is another star of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar".

21:19: Davin is now on stage with "Everything I Do, I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams

"Big Balls" in DSDS finalist Joan

21.07: Dieter discovers that the chick laid pretty fat eggs with mega performances. It brings especially Joana fans.

He also liked this look. After all this. Joana didn't have to listen to the optics comparison. And the comparison of eggs was positive.

Pietro Lombardi is not an enthusiastic finalist of Joan's DSDS

21:06: Pietro is not so excited. He still wants to see a fool. Oana is thrilled.

21:04Xavier always forgets how young Joan is because he considers her so professional.

20:59: Joana is now on the line with "Sweet But Psycho" by Ava Max and viewers love her.

20:57: By the way, Twitter users find that Heino is more attractive than DSDS on the ZDF show. The taste is just different …

20:56: And again the question arises in the network: Is Nick really 29 years old?

20:53: Twitter users have a different opinion. For many, Nick is not necessarily the best singer of all time in DSDS. They are more likely to blame him for dementia. Or recommend a hearing aid.

Obviously DSDS 2019 winner is clear to Dieter Bohlen

20:48: Dieter does not hear Nick's efforts because it is clear to him that this look was the best in the American Idol story. Such praise from pop-titans you won't get every day …

20:47: Pietro also touched.

20:46: Xavier found his voice not so "clear." He clearly heard the effort, though he thought it was great.

20.45: Nick Immediately Crys Oan …

20:42: Nick sings "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen with a much smaller show than Alicia – just he and his guitar.

20:39: It is guaranteed that Nick's criticism will be better. After all, Dieter's favorite.

DSDS Final 2019: Dieter Bohlen lives by his reputation – "Optics was better than singing"

20:36: Dieter says, "Visually, the look was a bomb." Dieter thought it was good, but it is also clear to him: Optics was better than vocals – Ouch! Pietro thought it was great too.

20:34Oana Nechiti launches a call to all Alicia fans. Everyone should call, Alicia is so special.

20:33: And how did the jury like it? Apparently, Xavier is seeing an increase, even though the low notes are becoming increasingly difficult.

DSDS Finale 2019: Alicia is on her first song

20:30: Alicia performs her first song: "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys.

20:25: Alicia is dedicated to her mother. Again we see the route from Alicia to the DSDS 2019 final.

20:22: Flashback of the entire 16th season is on.

20:19: Since the typical American Idol hymn to Oliver Geissen sounds really great in our ears.

20:15: Ohhhh jeee and jury and candidates join Cordula Green. The earring is safe for us, but it also means: DSDS begins!

20.10: In 5 minutes begins … tension rises.

DSDS: Pietro Lombardi is looking for a woman

19:38: What makes the jury so close to the DSDS final? So Pietro Lombardi is launching a call to all women and dressing so strangely: "Maybe today this case happens, some women get in touch, who wants to have me … Please, dear women, contact us!" ! But someone seems lonely.

19:30: Nick Ferretti's family won't be there today. But the wife and children will be busy watching TV as he said in an interview with Promiflash.

19:13: The DSDS jury will remain unchanged in 2020. This was reported by RTL via Twitter.

Joan's DSDS Finalist: So Dieter Bohlen et al

18:25: Joan Candidate was asked in a Bunte interview, as the jury was actually ticking behind the cameras. "It's the way they're on TV." Dieter always has his sayings in the store. Whether in front of or behind the camera. I like the words of Dieter Bohlen. I hardly know him personally. I know him from TV and I could guess what he'll tell me when I stand in front of him. Something like, "I love you because you're too young." And if he doesn't like it, then I probably invented the worst because he sometimes makes really outrageous slogans, "says Joana. DSDS without Dieter is unimaginable to her: "I couldn't imagine DSDS without Dieter Bohlen. He just belongs to the show. It's his show. He's a major juror. DSDS wouldn't be the same if Dieter Bohlen wasn't there. T.

By the way, Joana also has Plan B for "Germany looking for a superstar". She wants to train as a nurse. But it never stops music.

DSDS Final Ticker 2019

+++ Hello, welcome to our ticker for DSDS 2019! Who will win the 16th season "Deutschland sucht den Superstar"? Four candidates are fighting for the title. Today, Saturday night, it is decided who gets the title in DSDS Final 2019.

DSDS 2019: Final – Who Gets the Title? The jury board

And again it's time: The final in DSDS 2019 is scheduled for April 27th. There are again four young candidates who have fought over 12 casting shows, an appeal in Ischgl, four memories in Thailand and three live shows. And the other four candidates are: Alicia-Awa Beissert (21) from Bochum, Davin Herbrüggen (20) from Oberhausen, Joan Kesenci (17) from Gronau and Nick Ferretti (29) from Palma de Mallorca (Spain). Four final DSDS 2019 candidates are already available for download.

In the final stage of DSDS, candidates will perform with a well-known composition and their own song.

The jury, especially Dieter Bohlen, who has to bring his fans a sad message that he won't release a new album, can give feedback, but he doesn't choose a winner. Who receives the title "Germany looking for a superstar 2019", decide the audience.

DSDS Finale 2019: These are the candidates' songs

These are four individual candidate songs:

  • Alicia-Awa: Alicia Keys
  • Davin: (All I Do) I'll Do It For You (Bryan Adams)
  • Joana: Sweet, But Psycho (Ava Max)
  • Nick: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

These songs act as finalists as finalists:

  • Alicia-Awa: Good things
  • Davin: River
  • Joana: Like a fool
  • Nick: Everybody else

By the way, you can already listen to the final tracks of DSDS 2019 on RTL.

Hopefully there will be no ambulance service on vocal performances like the first DSDS show in the 16th edition.

DSDS 2019: These are finalists

Alicia-Awa Beissert (21) Bochum Student

Alicia owes her participation in DSDS 2019 to her mother. She wanted her to do something with her voice talent and convince her daughter to ask for it in an unusual way: "Either you go to DSDS or you'll have to find your own apartment." This convinced Alicia and Alicia convinced by the cast of the entire jury. Oana Let her give her a "Golden CD" and a ticket to appeal to Thailand. As an uncertain candidate, Alicia made the final in the last live show, which is excited.

Davin Herbrüggen (20) Altenpfleger of Oberhausen

The sympathetic geriatric nurse is a real child of the Ruhr region and is proud of her. In the nursing home, Davin sings the elders and is happy to give them such pleasure. Davin lives for music and wants to impress and touch people with his music. Already at the entrance to live performances he promised: "I will fight and give everything to the end." Over the course of the season, Davin became more and more excited about the jury and the audience. He is pressed by the acting winner
DSDS 2018, Marie Wegener, Thumbs Likepicture betrayed.

Joana Kesenci (17) Gronau student

Joana is the cat of this season's DSDS. From childhood, 17-year-old pursues American Idol. The first season she consciously followed was Pietro Lombardi. However, it was important for her parents to first study at school before turning to DSDS. The day she graduated, she then registered her father with DSDS and surprised her. In the course of the season, she managed to continually grow and deserve to be in the finals. And maybe her planned nurse training would have to wait until she wins on Saturday.

Nick Ferretti (29) Musician from Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

Nick Ferretti comes from New Zealand and currently works as a street musician in Palma de Mallorca. There he was discovered by Dieter Bohlen in the pedestrian zone. He sent a video about Nick on his Instagram account and told him overnight. He also invited him to cast on DSDS 2019. Nick, who has never heard of Dieter Bohlen, followed the calls of pop-titans and convinced himself of his consistently good first casting performance. He has always accompanied his songs with his guitar at live performances and has received great reviews from the jury. However, rumor persists that he cheated on his age.

* is part of the national Ippen network.


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