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Bayern: James Rodriguez Replaces After Just 15 Minutes – Sky commentator has a theory

Staying in Bayern or back to Real Madrid? James Rodriguez's future is uncertain. The Colombianer was replaced against the substitute substitute after 15 minutes.

  • James Rodriguez's future in Bayern Munich is still open.
  • With the purchase option, Bayern has all the trumps in its hands.
  • However, James Rodriguez does not play a major role under Niko Kovac.
  • Zidane's return to Real should not talk about returning to Royal.
  • You can find all the news about Real Madrid here.

Update April 28, 2019 20:41: James's quick replacement probably had no sporting reasons. After the match, Niko Kovac said, "Thiago came to me after five minutes and said James felt something on his body. He couldn't define precisely if something was broken or if he was just a little tense. He has already been treated, tomorrow we will see in the investigation whether he is more or less violated. "

19.55: In the game against the 1st FC Nürnberg, James arrived in the second half after a poor performance of his colleagues (0-0 in the half), replacing Javi Martinez in the 57th minute. 15 minutes later, coach Niko Kovac took him out of the field and brought 18-year-old Alphon Davies. The injury was not visible.

skyCommentator Wolff Fuss immediately speculated: "It is now clear that these 42 million will probably be invested elsewhere." He said Bayern was unlikely to buy a Colombian option.

At first it was unclear whether the reason for the substitution was injury. If not, Niko Kovac would give his Colombian star at least a massive humiliation …

Bayern: New speculation about James Rodriguez – and a question mark

News from April 18, 2019: James Rodriguez's drama goes to the next round. A Colombian who had to cancel his training on Thursday and is disputed for a match against Werder Bremen, as * says, is currently lent from Real Madrid, but Bayern has the option of calling.

The FCB wants to pull it obvious. as Don Balon In recent days, the first meeting between record champion leaders and James's advisors has come. Interviews should show a clear trend.

Bayern: Is James Purchased and Delivered Directly?

According to the report, the basis for a firm commitment by James, to which the Bavarians currently tend, is laid. James should not be satisfied with this prospect. One reason is probably the difficult relationship between Colombian and Niko Kovac.

Don Balon He further states that the Bavarians are seriously considering James's desire to fulfill. But they still want to buy. Solution: Bayern buys James and transfers it directly to profit. However, Hasan Salihamidzic categorically excluded this possibility at the beginning of the year.

Next Zoff the Bayern Bosses? The future of James is divided by Rummenigge and Hoeneß

April 11, 2019 News: James Rodriguez is still on loan to Bayern, but the record holder has the opportunity to purchase for Colombians. For 42 million euros, the FCB could make a strong commitment. Whether Munich uses this option is in the stars. The FCB bosses are by no means approved – not only on this subject, but also as * messages.

As for CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, buying is the best solution, such as Don Balon reported. If it didn't work with the midfielder, you could still sell it with advantage.

Hoeneß vs. Rummenigge – Who Decides James?

On the other hand, President Uli Hoeneß is more inclined to buy James. The performance and performance speak to him with coach Niko Kovac and sports director Hasan Salihamidzic against the commitment. But: “We must finally decide. He's a big and great player, ”Hoeneß said. He wants to leave the decision about where James is in the coach.

There should be no good time for the 2014 FIFA World Cup best scorer. If Bayern doesn't buy, it's back to Madrid at the end of the season. But at this point, they seem to be planning without a midfielder.

Even among experts, there is currently little unity. Robert Lewandowski and Kingsley Coman got involved in training. But he would hardly go with James Rodriguez.

Another goal for James? Ex-father-in-law explains where Bayern's star would play

April 10, 2019 News: In the summer, James Rodriguez's sporting future decides. Currently, FC Bayern still has the opportunity to purchase for a midfielder borrowed from Real Madrid. But in Munich you probably won't pull it. But even madrilenians do not want to return the Colombian and consider selling it.

The potential customer brought Rodriguez's former father-in-law, Hernan Ospina, to the interview, announcing a sports portal spox.comTherefore, he would like to play in Italy for SSC Naples. The old star was hired. Carlo Ancelotti trains the Serie A club. They both know each other in Madrid, as well as from Ancelotti's time in Bavaria.

Despite Spanish Citizenship: Probably no James will return to Madrid

April 9, 2019 News: James Rodriguez is now naturalized in Spain – so all the doors seemed to have opened to return to Royal. Following the commitments of Eder Militao, Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo Goes, the quota for foreigners outside the EU in Real Madrid is exhausted.

Real Madrid: Zinedine Zidane has already dealt with James Rodriguez

Thanks to the Spanish passport, James could easily play in Madrid. If there was no return of a successful coach, Zedédine Zidane. Because March describes James's move to the Bundesliga almost as a sort of escape from a French coach. During the 2016/17 season, James was steadily declining in galactic order. Champions League final against Liverpool, even from stalls. It is hard to imagine that the former 60 million people wanted to train under Ziza again. Especially since in the past year he could only suggest a world class in Germany * Listed.

James Rodriguez: Transferring Danger in Madrid Almost Hopeless

To make matters worse, the mega-package that Real Madrid wants to put together for Chelsea Eden Hazard comes from * reported. Not only does Madrilenians commit a global player as a direct competitor to James, even Galactics needs additional cash for a € 100 million transfer plus a probable salary from monsters. The sale of Wackelkandidaten is therefore close. Whether or not Bayern pulls a purchase clause in a Colombian loan agreement will play no part. Finding a buyer for a talented offensive director will be easy.

The context of the James nationality debate: The Spanish Federation only authorizes three non-EU experts and is one of the strictest in Europe. While the German Football League (DFL), for example, requires only at least twelve German licensing players and eight "local players" in the team lead. As a local player, the DFL refers to a player who has been trained at the age of 16 to 22 for at least three years in the current club, nationality does not matter here.

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