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Börse Express – dpa AFX overview: COMPANY

ROUNDUP: shareholders show yellow card Bayer CEO – Supervisory Board
he supports him

BONN – Buying a Controversial American Group Monsanto Has
Managers of the Bayer agrochemical group on her
Shareholders tasted a lot of confidence. Shareholders refused
surprisingly relief on Friday: 55.5 percent
the current share capital voted against and only 44.5 percent
for. It was loud for CEO Werner Baumann
Face Slapping – Usually the approvals are large
Companies in a high range of 90%. It was in Bayer
Last year – even then it was criticism
Buying Monsanto – About 97 percent was. But it has a vote
no direct consequences for the board, rather than
formal step.

ROUNDUP / After merging poker: Commerzbank fights back
selling rumors

BERLIN – After the merger with the Germans
Bank stabs Commerzbank Chief Martin Zielke v
Rumors about selling his institute abroad. "We are."
himself strong enough to go our way, "Zielke said
"World on Sunday". According to media reports, how
Italian Unicredit as well as the Dutch
ING He was interested in Commerzbank. "AND
understand that you are interested. But I will become rumors
he didn't say to me, "Zielke said.

Deutsche Bank chief: Commerzbank's sales abroad

BERLIN – Head of Deutsche Bank, Christian Sewing, gives himself
After the merger burst, it was speculation
foreign acquisition of Commerzbank left.
Of course this may happen, but we could do it
"Bypass," Sewing said of "Frankfurter Allgemeine"
"Sunday newspaper." Possible Commerzbank buyer from
Abroad, it would be "at least one to two years only with theirs
Integration busy. And then we would be the only ones
truly a German bank with an international network.

Deutsche Post plans to increase package prices

FOODS – Except probably a significantly growing letter postage must
Consumers are also looking for higher package prices from Deutsche Post
get ready. “Generally, customers have to
set package prices, ”said Frank Appel, CEO of Post
West German Allgemeine Zeitung (Saturday). Payroll Agencies a
Cost increases would have to be passed on to customers. already
DHL's subsidiary has begun to cut prices last year
for business customer packages and at
to increase the repository package.

Avengers: Endgame & # 39; Brings Walt Disney Gushing Revenue

BURBANK – The latest series in the Avengers superhero's series
Cashiers of cinema operators and Walt Disney strongly
ring. $ 1.2 billion (€ 1.08 billion)
"Avengers: Endgame" at the box office during the opening weekend
new entry set as
The media group announced on Sunday in Burbank.
Marvel comic films bring Disney for a long time
a lot of money. Alone in the Last Episode "Avergers: Infinity
She was "earned by the Group including goods estimated at 985th."
Millions of dollars, Bloomberg reports.

IPO / ROUNDUP: Office chat application Slack wants to go to the page
stock market

NEW YORK – The Slack office communication service is on
The road to the stock market. Just like the Spotify music service
Slack wants to pay investment banks
and place your shares directly on the New York Stock Exchange.

ROUNDUP / Twelve Litigation: Musk and the US Securities and Exchange Commission agree

NEW YORK – Tesla Elon Musk must move by and
An agreement with the US Securities and Securities Commission on much more
Set restrictions on his Twitter behavior.
Approved by the appropriate judge
Must be listed, topics that are relevant to
The stock price pays. These include finance, production goals,
Acquisitions and mergers. In these cases, Musk should be some
Advance communication with a lawyer who has experience in issuing securities
be approved, as indicated in the document published on Friday

ROUNDUP: BVB joins after derby disaster: "Title is
playful "

DORTMUND – After the derby disaster followed by surrender. Even
otherwise known as a distant Lucien Favre spoke after
humiliating 2: 4 (1: 2) against FC Schalke plain text.
"The name is playful," said Dortmund coach
prematurely explained by Bayern in Fernduellu for championship

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