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All parliamentary groups during the weekend were outraged that a seemingly right-wing employee of a private security firm was working as a security component of an investigation commission for a matter surrounding the Federal Bureau for the Protection of the Constitution and the Fight Against Terrorism (BVT). Among other things, he should have contact with neo-Nazis Gottfried Küssel. The responsibility for team assignment moves between the local authority and the Parliament.

A man who has worked for about a month in Parliament's parliamentary committee and has access to various premises should be seen on the relevant "standard" report on relevant photographs. So he could have been in an extreme right-wing environment where the constitutional investigation was conducted. One of the rooms is a media room where live interviews can be viewed on the screen. Meanwhile, the man was recalled.

The Parliament and the private company G4S initially stressed that the employee was inspected safely. Security inspections are carried out by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution – which is the subject of the committee. Minister of Interior Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) ordered an explanation Friday night.

Ministry of the Interior: Uncontrolled by BVT

On Saturday, Michaela Kardeis, Director General for Public Sector Security, tried to reject any accusations of misfortune. She stressed that this man was not being investigated by the BVT – and accused the Parliament's headquarters of not asking for it. At the request of G4S, however, "Landespolizeidirektion Wien" carried out a "status check according to the industry code". The basis for this is, among other things, the Electronic Criminal Police Information System (EKIS), where information on court convictions or searches is collected, said Kardeis "Ö1".

Parliament's headquarters played the ball – despite Ö1 – immediately back: "This is for the parliamentary director of unambiguous semantics," spokesman Karl-Heinz Grundböck said. It remains to be said that "after the official audit, the security authority has confirmed the reliability" – in this case, the security company and Parliament would have to be convinced that this employee could also be used reliably.

Special presidency next week

The only thing is certain: the affair will have an effect on parliament, because the President of the National Council Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP) announced a special presidency next week. In this process, political groups can immediately put forward their demands: Werner Amon, leader of the ÖVP faction in the U committee, wants to question the system of security clearance. SPÖ Jan Krainer, Chief of Staff, called for "no foreign personnel to be used in such sensitive areas of public security – such as the BRE Committee – in the future."

Neos Mandatory Stephanie Krisper called for a quick tightening of security measures within the commission of inquiry. Pilz's Peter Pilz also spoke about "safety gaps".

From the FPÖ faction leader Hans-Jörg Jenewein wanted to know how long a man in Parliament had been active since he was in the U-committee, and what room and information he had access to. Besides, Jenewein is interested in a specific contract with an external security company.

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