Defeat in Celtic Paradise: Can Leipzig rely on Red Bull?


"The atmosphere here is very intimidating, especially for a team that has never been before."(Imago Image / Picture Point LE)

Friday 9 November 2018

Ullrichem Kroemer, Glasgow

RB Leipzig loses at the European Celtic football competition and is now playing with the famous Red Bull Salzburg club, which is as good as a bike. Constellations that make speculation. Uefa does himself and sport has no love.

The background in the Celtic park fell silent for only a few seconds, just to return for a moment. The classic, such as the "Here Again" hymn, was so strong and powerful after the 79th minute that the "paradise" had the effect that Glasgow striker Odsonne Edouard defeated Green White only for the second European Cup of Champions, Taken in 1967. Talented striker U21 from France met only in the 4th European league match against RB Leipzig at 2: 1 (0: 1) -Endstand (79th). But the dramaturgy of this game brought the mood of "hoops", as Celtic calls for striped jerseys to cook.

Fans from Leipzig in the Celtic park.

Fans from Leipzig in the Celtic park.(Imago Image / Picture Point LE)

Even before the whistle made the whole stadium for the first time in a green and white light show, the anthem "You Will Never Walk On Yourself" is so loud and dedicated that perhaps everyone in the stadium – including the good 2200 Leipzig – has got goose bumps. When almost 60,000 sings and almost everyone in the oval space lifts their Celtic scarf, it creates one of the most powerful and interesting scenes that can be experienced at the football stadium.

"Today was a very emotional evening," said coach Brendan Rodgers proudly. He knew that not only his eleven players on the pitch, but also the fans had grown behind to keep the Celtic in the run-off race. "The atmosphere here is very intimidating, especially for a team that has never been," Rodgers said. "Even the best teams in the world who have been with us have suffered a lot, the emotions have helped the team a lot, and thus have greatly supported the support." After a lax presentation in the first leg (2: 0 for the RB), the Scot was so homey and aggressive that RB was quick to get a good start after a good start. In particular, the true crusader James Forrest – a fast-paced power plant reminding of unpredictable events on great British legends, such as Paul Gascoigne – said on his side to defend RB as a storm in a cornfield.

The Kelts Park is not a good idea

Throughout the stadium, with the exception of brave lightweight Leipzig fans, Forrest left Marcelo Saracchi to the left and lined a talented and equally fast player Kevin Tierney who scored a 1-0 shot (11). Leipzig coach Ralf Rangnick lost in the absence of his first storm, Timo Werner and Yussuf Poulsen were missing and decided to leave their two strikers Diego Demme and Kevin Kampl initially on the bench. It's not a good idea in the Celtic park, where the ball was obviously missing in the first half.

"We had to tear the other limits": Kevin Kampl.(Imago Image / Picture Point LE)

Since the Celtic match was aggressive, the fourth Bundesliga played more bad passes than usual. Color managed to return the ball to a home side. "They got earlier, they were pushing better than in the first stage and we managed to cover our attackers closely," Kampl said. "So the attackers got into trouble to get in possession, so we had to fill the depths with the depth to force them to defend." So Celtic in front of the enthusiastic Celtic personalities Rod Stewart at 2-0, while RB hardly generated Torgefahr. That changed only in the last half hour, when Kampl and Demme were in the match, Leipzig became a dominant player and also gained a connection through Jean-Kévin Augustin (78). Leipzig would actually have the advantage, but the stage has become a point, because Edouard just after the preliminary work of Scott Sinclair and Christie immediately finds another hit. Winning 2-2 would still be achieved because RB Celtic also tied his own penalty space and Kevin Kampl lacked two tremendous chances to deal with the cross once (87 ').

Red Bull Salzburg qualified, now Leipzig comes

Rangnick was seated after the first defeat after ten games without bankruptcy, the last six without any approval, stiff and pressed into a stand in front of the museum stadium and criticized: "Most of the poisoning is when I confess 1: 2. To kick things out, without a touch of a ball, hit such a goal, it must not happen. "Marcel Halstenberg, who, after finishing the game, scooped into wholemeal pasta and drove to the bus through an empty stadium, was angry:" We were not at the first gate and not at the other. "It is uncomfortable to have such a trip and then to sleep twice."

While the second victory in Celtic's second World Championship was Life Insurance in Group B, some move to Leipzig in the sixteenth finale became a turbulent start. "We would have to win in the draw and now we need a win in Salzburg and maybe another victory in Trondheim," said Rangnick. "So it's so unpleasant that we can not think of it."

The fact that the return match between the two Red Bulls is now on the 5th day – Uefa is now computer controlled and not mirrored as before – is now showing unfortunate. While Salzburg is almost certainly qualified, RB is still fighting for important points. The constellation that appeals to the Red Bull striker. It is not so much that there could really be a stable command from the founder of Dietrich Mateschitz, who – if known – is not.

But because these two clubs are so strongly linked by a strong financier and club creator, they now have to face this accusation, as well as associations that have licensed both teams after major European competition concerns last season. Inspired Celtic fans will come to terms with it when the time comes. Evening in Celtic pubs such as "Brazen Head", which are founded as small club museums, it was not a problem but just an inspirational performance of their team, which formed a powerful unit with huge support.


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