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Dual Universe: MMO goes into the alpha test with a new trailer

After several months of extensive testing from a dedicated community and over $ 11 million in funding, including crowdfunding funds, Novaquark today announces the release of the first playable alpha version of the Dual Universe.

This is the most significant milestone in the development of a civilization game after the successful completion of the Kickstarter campaign in 2016 – content updates are waiting for all alpha testers!

The game builds on four main pillars: exploration, construction, trade and conquest. Dual Universe Alpha 1 brings to life the first three aspects of this massive sci-fi quarantine, allowing players to explore the contents of their hearts and build almost everything they can imagine. From underground bases and futuristic urban scenes to interstellar spaceships and the hovering planet – there are no limits.

In addition, players have much more room for their creativity by launching Alpha 1. With the intense terraforming activity of developers, Alioth, the starting planet of the game, has reached an area near the United Kingdom. It is not only the first, but also the largest, static, reconnaissance planet of all time in the MMO.

In addition to terraforming and design options, Alpha 1 offers a wealth of tools to help players mining, harvesting, transporting, storing and selling various building resources. For use in the first iteration of the Dual Universe craft system, players need all the resources they can get!

A detailed view of Alpha 1 content and a preview of key features that players can expect from upcoming development milestones are outlined in the plan:


But it is just the beginning of the interstellar dual universe path to its release. Of course, the strong engagement of the community from the start of development will continue, and feedback from veteran or novice players will be of great value, as the team will create true game meta-verbs and make science-fiction a reality.

As proof of their dedication to this vision, the Dual Universe will welcome all Kickstarter supporters of Alpha 1 by the end of the year regardless of the amount they have provided. In this way, the game population is delivered to more than 11,000 players, all playing on the same, fully editable server.

The Dual Universe is now available in Alpha 1 version. Release Alpha 2 is scheduled for the first half of 2019. The latest Dual Universe updates are available on the official website.

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