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Fast Coach Kühbauer: "Will Not Celebrate RBS"

Countdown is on!

SK Rapid will not be able to spit correctly on its "Labor Day" if it wants to win the ÖFB Cup again after 24 years.

With RB Salzburg the new edition of 2017 again offers unrivaled rivals – at first glance. In 2018, Sturm Graz drove a cup miracle in Klagenfurt and Rapid managed to beat the bull after the last championship duel.

There is a need for respect, but especially coach Didi Kühbauer does not want to advance in advance. To win the opponent even more than he is, the Cup Winner avoids 1995, while he does not want to overestimate the larger final experience of Mozartstädter: "Of course, they had some games more where stress was higher, but we're going. To add a good game, I do not want to celebrate Salzburg now, ”said the 48-year-old Burgenländer.

"Last year really played a very good season and this season they had a truly incredible international season, this year they are also very, very good, and yet it is a game where we can all and of course it is. opposition, but it will still be a very good match.

"Burn to finally bring Cup titles to Hütteldorf"

Qualitatively, RBS is going to provide Rapid, Kühbauer also admits. For Salzburg, however, there would be more trophies in the show, even championship seems to be a matter of time.

But the Rapid is much more at stake. On the one hand, it is sometimes a long and dry spell discussed in this competition, on the other hand, to save the whole season. At the same time, to win the cup, it would mean a lot of stress and uncertainty with the playoff games and, in the case of the Europa League qualifying games, a lot of stress and uncertainty about the European Cup and green and white.

"Every player knows exactly what's at stake," explains the coach. As he admits, the loser against Hartberg was not told much (final score 3: 4). "Main Focus" is at Salzburg, "because I think the game is much more important, and because there is a lot at stake, we want and we have to do a great job to win the long-awaited Cup title as well as we will release at 16:30 great performance, ”Kühbauer catches his players in honor.

Therefore, goalkeeper Richard Strebinger admits: "We are all on the verge of finally returning the cup title to Hütteldorf." The 26-year-old backer faces his first big final. Two years ago, Tobias Knoflach could play the finals against Salzburg.

"Goosebumps" before the final

Now Strebinger beats a big hour. The experience of that time, the incredibly tight play and the madness of fans in Klagenfurt were also a topic in the cabin before the recent duel at Wörthersee.

"Of course we talked about it in the team, most of them were there two years ago, not only because it was the final, but also the whole thing around us with our fans that keeps goosebumps or when you think on Wednesday, despite the defeat two years ago, you can have such positive feelings, so we are really looking forward to it and I firmly believe that we will deliver top performance. "

Kühbauer about 1995: "Many players weren't even born there"

Memories are beautiful and good, positive feelings as well. But if they really help, it remains to be seen. Also a big topic, whether Kühbauer closes the circle and as a player now also as a success guarantor for the Rapid, gives the chief advisor a background.

"It was a long time ago and it was an amazingly beautiful story, but I don't think I have to impress the boys, no matter what we did a few years ago, some players weren't even born much More important is what boys are doing now. "

Rapid wants to do Rose no favors

The fact that the tests of both teams failed – Rapid lost home at Hartberg in Salzburg at WAC – according to Kühbauer nothing changes in the sign or planning of the game.

"I'm sure they won't come up with a dissatisfied team just because they lost with Wolfsberg," the chief advisor pushes such speculation into the bar.

Even the other motivation for Salzburg, Marco Rose, to say good-bye to his change in Gladbach or the cup title does not mean that the coach is not too scared, even if he highly appreciates the performance of the RBS coach. "I can only say the best that he has gained almost everything in the last two years."

In this respect, he emphasizes – but after a brief hint that the title of the cup has not yet been withdrawn, and thus still missing in his collection. Hütteldorfer wants to prevent it at best.

"We must be smart and brave"

Rapid feels well prepared. They know each other, they know the strengths of the opponent and the style of the game will not change too much. Strebinger knows what happens to the reigning champion.

"We have to deal with duels and know that they are going through the second ball and that pressing that proves that we can stand it is pretty hard and can cope with the duel," said the goalkeeper, stressing how dangerous ball losses are. He could play out.

"We have to be smart and courageous, but we don't play too risky," Strebinger points to the golden center. It is still unclear who will run exactly. The plan is for a coaching team, not just a hundred percent.

The question mark is still behind Boli Bolingoli, who left wounded at Hartberg. He shouldn't break or crack, but Kühbauer doesn't want to reveal any details. Leg problems are, like in NHL and US professional leagues, going to determine only the region, but not whether it's ankle, etc. It is. However, he does not want to exclude a Belgian 100% bet – so I hope he is still in the green and white camp.

Penalties will be trained – it will be the third trick

Nobody is also locked because Thomas Murg only saw yellow-red against Hartberg. Kühbauer has no risk of one or the other player losing his back to the wall.

"The team is mentally ready to be a racy and a hot game." In addition, he emphasizes that his team is by no means undisciplined, not afraid that his players are not pulling together.

That it could be heated is not surprising, because the last two teams' battle. In the finals, it could be longer – if a decision in an extension or shootout had to be handled.

"The 911s are definitely rehearsed," reveals Kühbauer that she does not want to leave anything to chance. It all ended in the semifinals against LASK, and in the second round of the cup against Mattersburg, they also won the penalty shootout. "I wouldn't mind if it worked for the third time," smiles Kühbauer.

The fact is that the green and white triumph in Klagenfurt would launch a mega-party – whether after 90, 120 minutes or a criminal thriller.

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