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Fi: Puma also offers self-ironing sneakers

German shoe maker Puma introduced sneakers that automatically touch when the user inserts them. Fi shoes work with a system similar to older Puma self-closing models: The pull-out mechanism is built into the flap and stretches the net of durable laces.

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As noted, inter alia, by CNBC and Engadget, Fi comes in the spring of 2020 and costs $ 330. This would cause shoes to be a bit cheaper than the Nikes self-lacing model Adapt BB.

Unlike the Nike shoe, the Fi mechanism is smaller installed less inconspicuous. Thanks to the Nikes Adapt BB technology, the technology is entirely in the sole, Fi are only batteries located. The remaining mechanism is built as a small package at the top of the card.

However, this has the advantage that the user can control the lacing mechanism by means of touch gestures at the top of the module. Philately as Adapt BB automatically if the user draws it; but using the touchpad, lacing can be loosened or reinforced.

Fi can also be controlled using the iOS app. There users should be able to make additional individual settings regarding lacing power. The shoes are either charged wirelessly via the Qi pad or by removing and charging the batteries in the charger.

Puma Fi passes through a network of durable cord – here is clearly shown in the picture. (Picture: Puma / Screenshot:

What is at stake in Germany and whether it even comes to Germany in this market is currently unknown.

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