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For this reason, chocolate is better for cough than cough syrup

New home remedy for cold? Above all, chocolate fans should continue reading: Because the scientists have found something to please them.

Cooling is not fun: cold, cough, sore throat and even fever connects you with your own four walls. Anyone who likes to take home remedies such as onion or ginger sauce will get a new – tasty – alternative.

Dark chocolate as a cure for coughing

According to RTL, a British study found that chocolate can actually mitigate coughing attacks. The active substance theobromine in chocolate has to work even better, like cough syrup,

The University of Hull study in Yorkshire, England, involved 163 patients with coughing. Half of the patients received cough suppressants with effective codeine to achieve meaningful results. The other half was administered by the study containing the chocolate substance theobromineThis study worked even better than conventional cough syrup.

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Chocolate comes through the mucous membrane as a protective film

Reason: Theobromine releases reflex cough because it blocks the activity of nerve endings. Chocolate consistency also helps with cough: Viscous mash resulting from chewing It becomes a protective film over sensitive mucous membranes in the throat and decompresses the calming effect,

Another benefit of chocolate is that it does not bother, unlike codeine contained in cough suppressants. Codeine may even become worse in the worst case. Although chocolate contains an addictive factor – it's obvious, but most in the form of fat pads.

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It is important to know for those who want to use chocolate for the next cough: cough suppressant theobromine is the so-called Alkaloid – an organic compound found in cocoa butter. Study leaders recommend using high-cocoa chocolate,

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