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FP vs. ORF: "The Crazy Si-Theater"

FP vs. ORF: "The Crazy Si-Theater"

BERLIN. Wild RP attacks against ORF journalist Armin Wolf leave no cold or media commentators in German-speaking neighboring countries.

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Harald Vilimsky (FP) Image: SN / Robert Ratzer

So it is called in the "world" under the title "Democrats from Pappmaschee": t

"This illustrates once again the democratic paper mâché is not so free. (…) Hardly surprising in a party that consistently and tirelessly acts as a pile of disgusting things like "rat". He has institutionalized posters of right-wing free racist voters. As for Chancellor Kurz, he says, "But at some point the question arises to him, the middle class liberals of the Center to see if FP can continue." As for Wolf, "the world" means: "Who threatens him, threatens us all , we journalists, privately funded or funded by money, like to argue – but we remain in solidarity when it comes to protecting press freedom.

Under the heading "distorted images" writes "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung":

"For the DP, there is clearly an ORF fight against the campaign in the European elections, but the name Wolf should primarily be used to get this campaign contradictory, but this analysis is not clear, the process is media freedom. (…) DP acts as a populist opposition, but it is a government that is incompatible with such responsibility, by the way, has adopted another problem, and the poster in question is really bad, worse than the Braunauer "Rattengedicht", from which the FP point he united in unity, but how does FP want to get the curve so she fired at Wolf, and if not, can Kurz remain silent after his earlier interventions? "

"Alarming" finds commentator "Sddeutsche Zeitung" cause: t

"The fact that it is possible in the first place shows how far the discourse in Austria has shifted to the right: For decades, FP has pushed the boundaries of the word to an extreme." their right-wing extremist failures do not jeopardize their own agenda, with the result that not only right-wing vocabulary attracts little attention, but press attacks are held by shrugging. Wolf has reached these preliminary climaxes: "Reporters Without Borders" has cut Austria's ranking from eleventh to sixteenth in press freedom. "If the FP can continue to function undisturbed, it can continue to fall."

"No big moment for Armin Wolf", however, can recognize "Neue Zrcher Zeitung":

The comparison of cartoons is not enough to substantiate the relationship between DPs or its parts and national socialists, both representations of social groups, but the drawings are different and refer to other contexts. this negligence eventually leads to the banalization of the mass murder of the mass Jews by the Nazis. (…) Wolf did not cooperate with the Nazis. Compared to the Secretary General of FP, Vilimsky was given the opportunity to be a victim of hostile journalistic feelings.

Under the title "The crazy si-Theater", the newspaper "Bild" writes:

"It's about the fact that it is a Facebook bleeding, racist cartoons, a rat poem from Hitler's hometown Braunau – and the public threats of politicians against the Austrian star presenter." Chancellor Sebastian Kurz's Coalition (32, VP) since December 2017, ruling with right-wing populist FP, is in serious crisis. Then "Image" lists the events of the last days in the form of four-marks – and concludes: "Continued …"

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