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Geldwsche suspected: an attack on Deutsche Bank

Geldwsche suspected: an attack on Deutsche Bank

FRANKFURT. With a large offer, some rooms are currently being searched at Deutsche Bank's headquarters in Frankfurt. The charge is money laundering.

German Bank

Picture: Reuters

The Frankfurt Public Prosecutor's Office and the German Federal Criminal Police Department are looking for Deutsche Bank. The reason for investigating suspicion of money laundering, the prosecutor Frankfurt said on Thursday.

Approximately 170 officers, the Federal Criminal Police, the Tax Investigation Service and the German Federal Police searched from Frankfurt, Eschborn, and Gro-Umstadt for the morning of six objects – including headquarters.

According to investigation, the investigation is directed against two 50- and 46-year-old employees, as well as other previously unidentified employees of the company. Following the evaluation of the data available in the German Federal Crime Bureau on the so-called "Offshore Leaks" and "Panama Papers" attacks, it was suspected that Deutsche Bank helped clients to set up coastal companies in tax havens, Deutsche Bank was transferred without the bank returned suspicious transaction reports.

It was only in 2016 that it was supposed to be more than 900 customers with a turnover of 311 million euros, which cared for a company based in the British Virgin Islands.

Initially, no comments were received from Deutsche Bank.

The stock collapsed when it realized search up to 5 percent down.

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