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Genital warts – so get rid of them!

Warts: How to get rid of them

Genital warts are particularly annoying. Warts are triggered by viruses. It belongs to the human papillomavirus (HPV) genus. There are about 150 virus subspecies. 10 of them can cause warts. Skin contact or smear infection first affects the upper skin layer. The spread of the virus in the cell nuclei also infects the lower layers of the skin. The incubation period may take several weeks to months. There are some forms of therapy to get rid of annoying genital warts. However, pulsation and scratching should be taboo.

Don't scratch the warts. Instead, use the resources described in the article. Image: muro-fotolia

Risk of infection in the pool

Very often, the infected are infected in pools where the infected person can spread the virus easily. Professor Ulrike Wieland of the German Hygiene and Microbiology Society states: “A visitor to the pool with a nipple is showering, moving barefoot on the edge of the pool, settling on a bench. Everywhere on the slippery, rough floors, his viruses hold. Next visitor enters. If it has a fine crack on the foot of the foot then it has quickly become infected. “In addition to minor skin injuries, skin is also at risk of being damaged by eczema or fungal infection.

On the feet, warts are often particularly uncomfortable because the whole body weight is pushing for it. "It grows in and forms a thorn-like extension." This can lead to fatty tissue and lead to pain, ”explains Professor Gerd Gross, dermatologist at University Hospital Rostock.

Warts may appear isolated or beetartig on the skin. The most common types of warts include Vulgar warts, also referred to as "common warts", genital warts, plantar warts, flat warts, wart brush and senile warts.

Therapy against warts in common medicine

Warts are harmless and sometimes disappear themselves. However, this requires much patience for many people due to their low immune defense. "Your immune system will only recognize it after another delay," Gross says. After months or years, inflammation develops, which can lead to wart healing.

Why the doctor?

We recommend to exclude other skin diseases. If patients do not want to wait for the wart to disappear by themselves, which is not always the case, the practitioner will usually prescribe salicylic acid or lactic acid treatment to soften and remove a large portion of the corneal tissue. Wartspatches have a similar active principle. Ursula Sellerberg of the Federal Association of German Pharmaceutical Associations in Berlin explains: "The surrounding skin should be protected using zinc paste or grease".

Professor Gross recommends a daily foot bath in antiseptic or salt water after three days of softening treatment. When used for two to four weeks, warts sometimes disappear on its own. If this is not the case, warts can be surgically removed by a specialist. Both other cold and laser therapy therapies or immunomodulator treatments are contemplated. Complete removal of the wart is at the forefront, since dangerous nodes and cysts can form from the "debris" of the infected tissue at depth.

Warts fight with home remedies and natural remedies

There are many herbal remedies that can be used to fight warts. These include, for example, castor oil. The affected skin on the face and hands should be rubbed with oil several times a day so that the warts slowly recede and disappear.

Another home remedy for warts is leafy juice. If the washed sheets wipe the stems between your fingers and wipe in the affected areas of the skin, the goods should also return. Cream cream itself from 10 ml of Urtinkzur from the pharmacy and 100 g of normal, well-tolerated skin cream can act against the warts three times a day.

Milkweed, natural tea tree oil, Swedish edible bitter and marigold ointment are also considered home remedies to combat warts. In homeopathy, Antimonium crudum can be used in wide fluffy warts that occur on the feet and are accompanied by calluses.

Prevention of warts

Since wart production is caused by a virus, only limited precautions can be taken. Human papillomaviruses are so resistant that they can hardly be removed by conventional disinfectants. That's why experts recommend that you take your own action in the most vulnerable places, such as swimming pools. These include wearing slippers and using their own towels, which are washed after bath or sauna to 90 degrees. (Sb)

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