Google: Android apps can be used during the upgrade

With the new API, Android developers will be able to make users more aware of important updates to their applications. Google introduced the API at the Android Developer Conference Android Dev Summit, including Techcrunch and The Verge.

Job market

  1. dSPACE GmbH, Pfaffenhofen
  2. Bosch Group, Stuttgart

According to this, developers should be able to view the full format of links for very urgent updates in the application. Users should update the application. Alternatively, you can also move the update, for example, if there is no Wi-Fi network or low battery level. There is no doubt about actual pressure to update.

The application can be used for small updates

For minor updates, users should be able to continue using the application when downloading the background update. This is then played the next time you run the application. There will be no interruptions due to updates.

Google should now test new APIs with some partners. When new features reach a broad market, they are not currently known.

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