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Hives: Spore about vaccination

Health alert in Styria: This year, 14 cases of measles were confirmed, 50 patients were treated for the virus, including 28 children. Also, in the Tyrolean Lowland, six children were admitted to the Innsbruck Children's Hospital, likely to be in contact with an enlightened child in the surgery. In Salzburg, seven people were sick with measles. There is great uncertainty. The disease is potentially life-threatening and 20% suffers from complications such as lung or brain inflammation.

The path of Austrian measles leads to Ukraine. According to the Styrian Landessanitätsdirektion, the Styrian and Salzburg cases are a genetic strain from Ukraine.

There is now a dispute about vaccination

Ombudsman Günther Kräuter insists on including the requirement for vaccination in a mother-child card: "Victims are especially toddlers who do not yet have to be vaccinated."

Health Minister Beate Hartinger-Klein (FPÖ) vehemently rejects the obligation: "The vaccine against measles is voluntary."

The medical association is against vaccination

Patient advocate Sigrid Pilz calls for vaccinations for health professionals and educators. "For these professions, the status of vaccination should be appropriate for these professions," says Thomas Szekeres, chairman of the Medical Association. However, it rejects the general obligation to vaccinate. Vienna NEOS requires that the family allowance be linked to a vaccinated document.

Solidarity. SPME leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner insists that vaccination is a "solidarity act", but children and the elderly can be protected. He agrees with the government because he prefers educational measures to vaccinate.

The measles epidemic in Italy has fallen by half the vaccination

Of the 12 279 measles diseases registered in the EU between December 2017 and November 2018, 2 548 people were reported in the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) in Italy. There were seven deaths in Italy. Interesting: In the reference period a year ago there was almost twice as many cases with 5,042 measles diseases. Then, in July 2017, a vaccination request was adopted, which sets out ten mandatory vaccinations for school-age children, including measles, meningitis, tetanus, paralysis, mumps, or wet leaves. The government of the Lego North and the five stars is against vaccination: parents are advised to vaccinate their children but should not be excluded from school unless they are vaccinated.

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