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How streaming influences pop music today «kleinzeitung.at

The digital music market already has more than 50% market share in Austria. This trend could affect how popular and popular pop music is.

20:16, 28 November 2018

The popular playlist on Spotify is called the "Tropical House". It is full of dance poppies that sound like holiday in the South Seas © APA / AFP

There are streaming providers such as Spotify or Apple Music that offer more playlists for different moods and genres. Meanwhile, flowing in Germany and Austria is the most popular way to listen to music – and the providers react to it. But it does not just have economic effects. Streaming can also change the way music is written and heard.

Since mid-2018, audiovisual transmission has been the largest revenue segment in the German music market, and in Austria the share of digital offers has recently increased to 54 percent. In addition to streaming providers, it also has benefits for labels. By analyzing the streaming music data, they can see when the listener clicks – and respond to them.

"Music is written differently because broadcasting is so important," explains musicologist Martin Lücke. First, the beginning of the song is even more important. Since labels are making money only when listeners listen for more than 30 seconds. "So like a label, I'm trying to do everything to keep the listener away," says Lücke, who teaches music at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Macromedia Musikwirtschaft.

Gap talks about studies to show that singing in pop singing has begun earlier and earlier to attract listeners' attention as quickly as possible. There were hits that did not really happen after long intros, like "doing anything for love" by Meat Loaf. Apart from the beginning of the pop hit, the mood of the song becomes more important. "I came home and told Sirius or another clever speaker," Now play the music, "says Peter Tschmuck, who teaches at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts, and most of the consumers are not interested in who the song is. on the mood.

In Spotify alone, there are 400 custom playlists that are edited daily or weekly by a total of six editors. In addition, there are up to ten personal playlists that suggest algorithms to the listener's music that suits them. In total – including playlists created by the user – there are more than two billion lists!

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