iPad Pro 2018 and Apple Pencil 2: First Look Inside

Repairs to iPad Pro are difficult: the screen on a hard-wearing tablet can be detached from the trunk slowly and very carefully, as demonstrated by iFixit when removing a new iPad 11 ", but the display strip is missing inside, so you should not accidentally damage the opening, will record the repair.

Screen replacement allows access to the motherboard and the battery: The battery is now reassembled using a repair tape that is suitable for repairs, explaining the repair page. But Apple also uses glue to secure the battery in case – changing the battery is much more difficult. Also, the motherboard is still jammed. Unlike the Lightning port, the new USB-C iPad Pro 2018 is "completely modular" in accordance with dismantling and can be replaced independently of the motherboard in the event of a malfunction.

When cutting the second generation Apple Pencil iFixit revealed a capacitive sensor that is packaged inside the stylus. This could allow support for other gestures, as it should be possible to find out the exact contact point. Currently, the new pencil reacts only to the double tap, for example, to replace the tool used in the paint application or to display the palette.

Adhesive tapes show easy removal of the battery – but it is also glued.

(Photo: iFixit)

As part of a custom fix, iFixit's new iPad Pro measures 3 out of 10 possible points, one point more than the previous model – the higher the value, the easier the repairs are. Although Apple continues to rely on a large amount of glue to secure all iPad components, it seems that the manufacturer in all three new product lines – iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mac mini 2018 – is paying attention to a slightly better repair, so iFixit .


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