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"It must accept the welfare state" "

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Reorganization of minimum income protection: The Greens, the SPÖ and the KPÖ fear the disadvantage of children. A "quarter demo" should be a sign against the federal government. The FPÖ, on the other hand, praises the "breakthrough reform". ÖVP remains cautious.

from Thomas Rossacher | 17:59, 28 November 2018

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LH Schützenhöfer and the Social Counseling Campaign © Jürgen Fuchs

The nationwide uniform of 863 euros, the reduction of bad German knowledge, bonuses for single parents and disabled people. The Ministerial Council approved the minimum security on Wednesday.
Of Styrian politics, a lot of consent or strong criticism depended on the group. In Styria, 16 565 people received this form of social assistance in October.

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